5 Best Paraphrasing And Rewriting Apps For Android

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 27, 2021.

Living in this modern and tech-savvy world has a lot of benefits. At least we don’t have to travel miles and miles just for a single thing because everything has become online. 

From shopping for shoes to buying groceries to work from home everything has become online. People of today’s generation are very lucky to have everything available on the internet. 

As students and writers can now just use a mobile application if they need to rewrite something.

In the past, people spent hours and hours checking duplicate content, and then they used to rewrite the entire article just so they don’t submit plagiarized content. 

Why are Paraphrasing apps important?

If you are a writer then you must have a pile of deadlines to meet every day. Sometimes you would have been assigned the same topic again on which you’ve written a lot of times. 

This happens with most of the writers. Therefore, paraphrasing and rewriting apps have been introduced. 

Most of the time, writers are unable to think about new words and new methods of writing, here such rewriting apps help them to paraphrase their words and also saves them from writing plagiarized content

Other than this, these apps check grammatical errors and create content that is good for SEO and it makes the content more original and unique. 

Some of the article rewriter apps are designed in a way that they summarize
the content and cut down the fluff that is not considered important. 

It often happens that students need to submit summaries of their documents and here these apps can be helpful for them.

Moreover, students and freelancers learn the way of writing. They get a chance to compare their write-ups with the paraphrased version and they learn how can they improve their content by adding synonyms and phrases.

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Let us have a look at 5 of the best paraphrasing and rewriting apps that are available on Android.

Article Rewriter and Spinner tool

The Prepostseo article rewriter app is one of the best apps that can be used to paraphrase the content. The app is very easy to use and it rewrites the entire content in just a few seconds. 

The app is available for free on Android and as shown below its easy-to-use interface allows all types of people to use it whenever they want to. 

The app replaces words with synonyms without changing the meaning of the sentence and enhances the quality of your write-up.

The article rewriter app provides plagiarism-free content and it allows pdf files as well to be uploaded so that people don’t have to copy the entire text. 

The advanced algorithms of this app scan each word and make necessary changes so that it is rewritten and is plagiarism-free

The app is completely safe to use and students can paraphrase their assignments on this app while using their mobile phones. 

This app has a special feature that it provides leverage to the person that if he wants to edit the words himself. They have given an option of edit yourself where users can edit the words that are underlined. 

People who don’t want this option can simply turn or edit themselves and they will get the paraphrased version of the content.

This app is designed by prepostseo and it provides all those features that a freelancer needs when rewriting articles and essays.

Paraphrasing tool – AI-Based

Freelancers who are searching for a paraphrasing tool with advanced AI technology should check out this Paraphrasing tool app that works amazingly. 

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It allows up to 5000 words to be added for paraphrasing in one go and gives instant results. As shown below the app offers three alternative standards for rewriting the text i.e., fluency, standard and creative. 

After you have pasted the text in the given space then you need to select one paraphrasing option from the three options and it will generate results immediately with its spinning technology. 

You just need to upload or copy-paste the text and click on the paraphrase now option. After that, this paraphrasing app will do wonders for your content and provide you with fresh and plagiarism-free content that is SEO friendly and will help with rankings on the search engines. 

Paraphraser – Reword Your Text

If you want your assignments and write-ups to be rewritten immediately then this app is best for you. Like other apps, it also works very fast and allows documents as well to be uploaded to paraphrase the content. The app is free and easy to use. 

Students and freelancers can make the best use of this app when they are away from their homes. 


This app is also one of the widely used apps that give instant results. If you want to rewrite your essays and research papers then this app will provide you with an original piece of write-up that will be free from grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

To make your essay more enticing for the readers the app provides suggestions of sentences and synonyms that you can select on your own to improve the quality of your content. 

Wordspin me

This is also one of the apps people can use for rewriting and paraphrasing their documents. The app is easy to use and users just need to copy-paste the text to get a paraphrase version of their documents.

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Rewriting is not as simple as we think. One would consider that rewriting an article on our own can be simple but it is not. Students often think that they might be able to rewrite essays and assignments but still, we are unable to paraphrase some of the words and sentences. 

This is where paraphrasing apps help us and provide us with instant results whenever and wherever we want to. As discussed earlier in this article, we are living in a tech-savvy world and so we are blessed with a lot of technological gadgets that were not even introduced to people earlier. 

To consume less time while writing, these paraphrasing apps are best to use. 


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