How to Choose Pictures for The Presentation?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: February 16, 2022.

You probably know that the secret of a successful public oration is not only the speaker’s charisma. Interesting slides are also essential. If there is the only text on them, they will quickly bore the viewer.

It is difficult for people to understand information that is not supported visually. The brain perceives solid text as a signal that there will be an overload now and is looking for something to switch attention to.

The Instagram feed is much more fascinating than such slides. There are just a lot of pictures. In order not to lose the fight for the attention of the viewer to social networks, take care of the illustrations.

Pictures From Google vs Social Networks, and Stocks

Google lists first-order illustrations because they are the most popular. Looking for cooperation? Here’s a handshake. The launch of a new product – a rocket flying into space. You won’t surprise anyone like that – it’s boring. Much more creative is to download photos from social networks.

They are always alive and original. Be creative. Find non-standard and 
interesting illustrations that will interest the viewer, make them laugh,
and wait for a new slide to see what else you have come up with.

Use Inflact Instagram photo downloader for Android to download Instagram photo directly to your smartphone. By the way, this service is available in the browser and is suitable for all operating systems.

When selecting illustrations, remember the basic rules:

  • make sure that the pictures are of good quality;
  • use visuals in one style: it can be black-and-white hand-drawn illustrations or bright retro photos – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is not to do it all at once;
  • do not stretch the photo so as not to distort the proportions. Pull on the “corner” of the photo, not the edge;
  • watermarks are bad form. Find another image or pay for a license.
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You can also find good illustrations on stocks. Flickr is a resource with a huge database of photos. There are millions of photos in the public domain: just enter a search query and upload in the desired size.

Pexels is a free image site licensed under a Creative Commons Zero license. This means that images can be downloaded, edited, shared on social networks, and used for commercial purposes. Attribution of authorship is not required.

A feature of Pexels is the ability to search photos by color. It speeds up the selection of images for the presentation if you already know what your primary colors are and what accents you make.

Unsplash is a free photo resource licensed under a Creative Commons Zero license. On a standard request, you can find a high-quality creative selection in high resolution. You can download it immediately without registration.

Golden rules for choosing illustrations

Remember the main thing: the illustration helps to reveal the thought. The picture can directly convey the meaning of the text, evoke the necessary associations or form an emotional mood, and if it is chosen well, the viewer will immediately understand the idea.

Try icons. Often white men illustrate typical concepts: project stages, pros and cons, limitations, and opportunities. For this, full-fledged illustrations are not needed, neat icons will be enough.

Choosing an illustration for an already finished slide is really difficult. If you don’t find the right one, and you have to “pull it by the ears”, the picture will inaccurately convey the essence and will not fit well with the text.

Working with text helps to avoid problems with illustrations. It happens
that thought is poorly formulated, and only for this reason it has to 
be supplemented with an image.

Check if you can make the text on the slide more precise and do without the picture.

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Think about the visuals ahead of time as you sit down to write your presentation script. This will give you some room to maneuver: there will be time to look for good illustrations, and if you don’t find the ones you need, come up with another solution.

For example, instead of a photo, draw a diagram or show the audience an interesting video that reveals the idea.

Find a thought that is better to show, rather than describe in words, and select a picture for it. Try to understand what exactly you want to say with the illustration, what idea, emotion, or detail the viewer needs to understand.

So you more accurately determine the visual image and select the appropriate image. Selecting illustrations is an art. Therefore, it takes time and effort to bring a presentation to life. But the effort is worth it!


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