How to Install the Latest Version of DirectX on Windows

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: 23rd of June, 2018.

Gamers are always on the lookout to boost up their sessions to experience the intense adventures of the PC games; it’s a whole new world of venture only the veracious game wooers can get the hang of it. There are hundreds of programs out there claiming to be the superlative when it comes to the enhancement and making the best out of the system’s hardware, well! Very few serve as promised, and yes, of course, it is a gloomy fact. Not at all cutting somebody some slack, but not every program will provide with the desired empiricism.


DirectX – What is it?

To add up to the assuagement of the gamers around the globe Windows has found the best solution and it is in use for decades now, serving well to its consumers by being the most competitive program in its field. DirectX is a high tech software developed by Microsoft Corporation accelerating the system’s hardware, by pushing them to the limits so that they perform their level best. Being a gray tool, it is the best among the alternatives, howbeit, nothing comes without drawbacks, yet we can still choose the one with least stumbling blocks.

Why Use DirectX?

Die-hard gaming fan? Enjoy high-quality gaming sessions? Enhanced dashboard facilities enchant you? Moving on towards endless possibilities excites you? Well if all the above questions have answers in “Yes” DirectX is your thing. It is an optimum choice for the Windows PC gamers, which is attracting the consumers from day one, howbeit it was pretty sluggish in the early days but managed to stand in the front row up-to-the-minute as the newfangled editions are brimming with modern era technology.

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Installing the Latest Version of DirectX on Windows

DirectX comes with the Windows and one does not stand in the dire need to download it, conjointly it does not require manual installations or updates, the operating system itself does everything. The techies do not have to move an inch to upgrade, download or install the software, yet, if someone would like to do so, feel free, download it from the internet (the old versions) and accomplish the installation process. It usually gets upgraded with the regular Windows updates, whenever there is the latest edition able and willing to serve it will be brought at one’s disposal via the OS update. As stated above, if someone is willing to do the hard work, they are most welcome to follow the steps below and take off.


Note: DirectX 12 is the latest edition, it is only available on Windows 10, it will be already on the system via Windows Update and that is the sole way to obtain it.


First of all, check with the system which edition is currently installed on the computing device that is under the use momentarily. To check the current version of DirectX installed on a system, type dxdiag in the search bar on the desktop, the following screen will pop up with a considerable amount of detail, in the System tab the last thing on the list will be DirectX version, Check which edition it is. If it is the latest version, you do not require to make an installation, howbeit, if it does not match the immediately prior one follow the instructions below and acquire it.

In order to download or install DirectX The DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer is required to be downloaded, keep in mind that it will provide you only with the upgrades until 9.0c and preceding edition of DirectX, the latest version is only available on Windows 10, and it comes with the Windows Update.

  • Go to Microsoft or follow this link:
  • Click on the Download Button.
  • It will open a new box where Microsoft will offer to download additional applications, Click No, Thanks and Continue.
  • Lead towards a new screen and the download will begin within few seconds, Open the downloaded file.
  • Run the installer.
  • Accept the Terms & conditions; it will try to drag few bits along make sure to uncheck the boxes if you are not looking forward to welcoming the unwanted apps.
  • Complete the set-up, and as soon as it ends, you will be able to access DirectX.

The whole process is eminently simple and does not charge much effort, no rocket science involved, and one can conveniently accomplish it, withal the procedure is not lengthy it takes a while but not much of time. The entire installation setup is dependent on the internet connection as it requires to download various upgrades, to complete successfully it is necessary to have a reliable internet connection also the speed of installation procedure is also under the thumb of the network speed, the faster it is, the quicker the setup will be.


DirectX works almost for every Windows OS, howbeit all the versions are not capable of running competently on the latest or preceding edition like DirectX 10 is only able and willing to serve the users on Windows 10. Conjointly, DirectX 11.3 and 11.4 are again only compatible with Windows 10; moreover, they can’t be obtained from anywhere else than the Windows Update. Later on as you step down the ladder the gray editions start supporting the older Windows operating systems, thus, look before you leap rather than wandering around to obtain the latest version, check which one is in the groove with your computing device, for instance if the techie is utilizing Windows 7 the  version 11.0 will not work.

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