Reasons to Outsource Software Development Services for a Startup

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: July 03, 2022.

If you are starting a software company, especially with limited technical and software knowledge, outsourcing MVP software development might be the best option for you.  

Outsourcing might seem scary and intimidating if you’ve never done it before. And it can be especially daunting for startups.

However, most of the worries associated with outsourcing can be mitigated by a partnership with a reliable software development company, such as Emphasoft.

Additionally, outsourcing offers many great benefits that support and enhance the startup and make it more competitive in the market, which outweighs all potential risks.

Key Reasons to Outsource Software Development for Startups

While there are countless benefits of outsourcing, we will focus on the main reasons that would apply to every software startup. 

Lower Software Development Costs 

Startup resources are always scarce and need to be managed extra carefully. 

Your team is the most important part of the company, but it is often the most expensive one too. Part of the challenge of startups is that founder are often required to hire an entire team from scratch.

This can mean months of hiring and onboarding, both of which are time and cost-intensive. And then once the team is compiled, we add the cost of equipment, office space, taxes, and employee benefits. Outsourcing is always more cost-effective, plus all the nuances of maintaining a team are taken care of for you.

With an outsourced team, startups unlock access to a pool of talented
professionals who are ready to dive into the project immediately. 
For example, the Emphasoft team needs only three days before they 
can start working with a new client.

And the bonus is that the outsourced team is already in sync – they’ve worked together before. So there is no downtime or delays while the team gels and develops rapport. 

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Another hidden cost that founders often overlook is the cost of hiring the wrong people. Someone might not fit the culture or turn out to have fewer skills than claimed in interviews.

This often results in having to re-hire for a position or invest extra hours to make up for a new hire’s deficiencies such as poorly written code or non-functioning designs.  

Higher Quality Output 

Outsourcing agencies achieve better end-product quality through many factors:

  • Outsourced teams work on a wide range of projects, making them more experienced and advanced than an average in-house team would be.

Companies that offer web development outsourcing hire a much wider range of specialists than a startup or an established company would. And it makes perfect sense – usual business doesn’t require keeping all types of software developers and other professionals on their payroll.

An outsourcing agency, in turn, is motivated and incentivized to have a niche and advanced specialists in its portfolio because they use their expertise across many projects. 

  • An outsourcing company makes a living by creating software for startups and other companies. The success of the business is directly related to how skilled and up-to-date all the employees are. In practice, it means that an outsourcing agency is likely to run training, compensate for courses and master classes, and send their staff to expos and conferences. All this makes an agency’s employees much more competitive and knowledgeable than an average in-house specialist.    

Faster Development Process and Release to Market 

Startups that outsource app development have their product delivered at lower costs with higher quality and faster development. 

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Every day of delay is an extra risk for a startup. A team can lose momentum or might discover the competitor released a similar solution first. This is why investors are always pushing for faster releases. 

Outsourcing mitigates all those risks:

  1. There is no hiring, onboarding, and training with the outsourced team. Everyone is ready to start working within a matter of days. And any extra specialists can be added to the team on the go. 
  2. An agency has worked on countless projects before, so they know about all the typical bottlenecks that slow down the development process, and they know how to avoid them. 
  3. Outsourcing companies are project management professionals too. They work out a timeline and a workflow to streamline the development and get to the finish line sooner.
  4. Outsourced teams are highly skilled. They will not make the mistakes that can plague less experienced colleagues. In software development, every mistake is a delay and also a potential disaster. This is especially true in the later stages.     

Focus on Strategic Business Activities 

Startup founders have a lot on their plate. From marketing to bookkeeping, there are many tasks and goals they work with on a daily basis. 

Product development is a complicated and time-consuming activity that can take over the CEO’s entire day, leaving no time for creativity, brainstorming, or working on less urgent but strategic tasks. 

Startups are high-risk ventures, and one of the reasons they fail is that founders switch to the tasks that can be done by someone else while ignoring the key areas of business that require their focused attention. 

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Partner with Emphasoft for your startup

Outsourcing a software development team enables startups to move faster and reach better results while guaranteeing enough time for strategic business activities.

Partnership with the Emphasoft team unlocks access to over 170 technical specialists who can begin working on your projects within 3 days. Our teams have built many products and tools for startups, so we know exactly what to do and how to create the best versions of your product within your timeframes and budget.


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