All You Need to Know About Repairing Your Videos

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 05, 2020.

Ready to spend your Sunday afternoon with your kids watching the latest Disney movie. Wait, the video stopped? It isn’t playing anymore- just plain black screen and no audio. Maybe your video got corrupted!

Videos are most commonly viewed and recorded in the MP4 format. This format is compatible with a number of devices and operating systems. Be it mobiles or laptops, or Windows or Mac, an MP4 can be used everywhere. Though this format is globally recognized, sadly it is still prone to corruption.

The good news is that it is possible to fix corrupted MP4 files. Things get more relaxed if you understand the error and try to find out the reason behind corruption. Here are some of the most common errors associated with videos.

Some Common Video Errors

1. Can’t play video

Most people assume that if the video isn’t playing, then it is corrupted. Well, that’s not the case always. A ‘can’t play video’ message may arise even if the media player you are using is not compatible with your video file.

Not every file format is supported by every media application. In order to get rid of this annoying message, you have two options. You could either change your file’s format to one that is supported by your media player, or you could switch to a more robust media player. Media players like VLC are known to support a wide variety of file formats.

2. Frozen Frame

Have you ever experienced your video getting stuck after playing for a
while? No matter how many times you play such a video it won’t continue
till the end. This is more commonly called the Frozen Frame or
Frame Freeze issue. The most common reason behind this kind of distortion
is an incomplete download.

If your internet connection is poor or you are downloading multiple files simultaneously, some interruptions may occur. The video will start playing initially but will get stuck when it reaches the missing parts. For repairing MP4 files with the frozen frame issue try downloading the file again a strong internet connection.

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3. Codec Issue

The ‘can’t play video’ error may also arise if your video’s codecs are not compatible with your media player. The audio and video codecs used to compress your file must be supported by your media application or else an error is bound to surface.

For this kind of MP4 fix, you would need to install the missing codecs. This step often creates a conflict within your system and your video may still not work. You would need to uninstall all the existing codecs and download complete codec packages such as K-lite or CCCP.

If you don’t wish to go into installing the codecs, you could also switch to a better media player. The VLC media player is one such open-source platform that is backed up by the best developers in the field.

4. Distorted sound

Not all MP4 issues are video and playback related. The distorted and crackling sound may also contribute to corruption. At times, the crackling sound becomes so irritating that you would do anything to make it stop.

The first thing you must check if you are using any headphones or speakers is that all the wires are connected securely. If that’s not the case you need to recheck your audio enhancements from settings. Disabling the enhancements such as virtual surround and loudness equalization may help you repair corrupted MP4 files with distorted audio.

5. Crashing video and plain black screen

If the video you are playing is repeatedly crashing or is just showing a plain black screen, then the file must be corrupt. This may happen due to read and write errors and malware attacks.

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Unfortunately, there is no direct method of repairing MP4 files which are totally corrupted. It is best if you take some help from a digital video repair tool.

How to fix corrupted video files MP4?

If somehow your files have got corrupt, don’t feel disheartened, you can easily find solutions for Mp4 repair. Things can still be brought back to the track. Here are a few video repair methods that will help you repair corrupted MP4 files.

Use a Digital Video Repair Software

If you are looking for a way of mp4 video repair, you must try this tool. This is perhaps the best and quickest method of solving video corruption issues. Irrespective of what is the cause of corruption, Kernel video repair software can fix almost all video issues. There are countless software available in the market that claims to resolve corruption problems successfully. But, that’s hardly the case.

Selecting the correct video repairing software is crucial if you wish to play your broken videos again. We would suggest you Wondershare Video Repair by Recoverit. This is one of the most reliable video repairing software available which is capable of maintaining a video’s original quality. Wondershare can even repair corrupt MP4 videos that are severely damaged with its advanced video repair mode.

Be it the meaningless ‘0xc00d36c4 MP4 error’ or the audio-video syncing problems, this automated tool can get rid of all errors with minimum or nil human efforts. Wondershare is available for both Windows and Mac and it is compatible with a whole lot of file formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, MTS, and AVI.
Repair MP4 video files freeware

The VLC media player is one such freeware which can even be useful in repairing corrupt MP4s. VLC automatically repairs MP4 files with a .AVI extension. It even allows you to convert your file to AVI format. This means that you don’t even have to hunt for a suitable file convertor

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After you have added your corrupt MP4, you just need to set the preferences to ‘always fix’. VLC media players will take care of the rest.

To know more about file fixing, you might consider visiting digital video repair here.


By now, you must agree that though video corruption is extremely common, your videos can still be fixed. Today we have many efficient repair tools that can fix almost any video issue. However, prevention is better than cure. When you still have time, you must take certain precautions and avoid getting into all the hassle of video-repair.

For instance, you must handle all your digital devices with utmost care. Improper removal of memory cards and transferring cords may lead to file corruption and data loss. Keeping your anti-virus software updated is also beneficial. At last, beware of bad sectors on your hard disk. Even a small corrupt space on your memory location can leave the entire file broken.


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