How to Get a Job in Just One Week: A Guide

By: Naz Zeb Cr.Last Updated: August 15, 2023.

For those who are unemployed and desperate for work to pay the bills, any job will do. But still, theyll be madly applying for roles across different sectors, and will have to wait weeks to hear if theyve secured an interview.

For those on the line, teetering over a debt hole, this is an unenviable position. But there are ways to secure a job in a single week – getting you back earning as soon as possible to get your bills paid. In this guide, well explain how you can do it – and enjoy those jobs, too.


If you own a car, you can put it and your driving skills to paid use by becoming a paid driver. Delivery driver jobs are always available, as theres a relatively high turnover in the market. But its also a growing sector, with new entrants looking to reward talent with higher wages and better working conditions.

Often the onboarding process is remote, digital, and incredibly quick. You can find driving work online, on specialist delivery driver jobs sites.

Once you apply, youll likely be put in position within the week – and if you need cash in the interim, try contacting local takeaway restaurants to see if they need someone to cover a shift or two.


The benefit of freelancing if youre strapped for cash and youre out of a job is that you get paid per project. So if youre asked to take some photos of some products for a company, you can invoice them the same day and require them to pay you within a week. Often, to get it out of the way, theyll pay you on the same day.

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There are hundreds of ways to work freelance, from cutting the grass of homeowners to building furniture in peoples houses. You just need to put yourself out there, offering your services for cash.

Agency Work

Those who are struggling to make ends meet also head to employment agencies for a quick fix. There are wonderful, informal places where you can link up with gig work on the same day that you get in contact with the jobs firm.

Youll need to provide some documents, but then youll be offered different jobs, from waitressing to being a security guard or marshal. These jobs may not be that satisfying, but theyll keep you solvent until something better comes along.


Finally, everyone needs a handyman. People have gutters to clean, driveways to sweep, leaves to collect, verges to trim, and various household chores that they might be happy to have done by someone else.

If youre in desperate need for a quick payment of cash, all of these jobs could help you get over the line, making the payments you need without resorting to a short-term loan. If you can, print flyers and post them around affluent neighborhoods with your list of services on it – you might just get a call asking for your help.

When you need a little bump of cash while youre unemployed, these short-term options will have you in a job in a week – earning and keeping yourself out of debt.

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