How Are The Skins Acquired in CS: GO?

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In CS: GO, the first skinned weapons were added in 2013 in the Arms deal update. This update featured various weapons with tens of different skins to choose from.

Now, after so many years, skins are very popular in the game, and sometimes they are even bigger than the game itself. Here is a guide to getting skins in CS: GO.

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What are Skins?

As the name tells, skins are items that will change how your weapons look. They are a unique feature of the CS: GO game,but they don’t help players in any way.

They don’t boost the performance of the weapons. Nowadays, skins are available for all the different weapons, including pistols, rifles, and knives. Various clothing items are also available. If the skin does not suit you, trade csgo skins is possible.

Quality of Skins

The price of the skin is determined according to their quality. There is a total of five qualities of skins in Counter-Strike. Here are details about these qualities.

Factory New These skins are essentially, and they are used only once or twice.
Minimal Wear These skins aren’t new, but they aren’t used that much.
Field Tested All those skins that were released a few months ago and have been used by players fall into this category.
• Worn These skins have been used by players for months and years.

Battle-scarred These skins are worth almost nothing except if they are rare.

Grades of Skins

Just like qualities, skins also have grades, and this is the second factor that affects the price of skins. The highest grade of skin is the contraband, and till now, there is only one skin in the entire game of this grade.

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Otherwise, there are a maximum of special-grade skins in the game. Here are the grades of the skins that you can check before purchasing them to know you are investing in the right skin.

Rare Special

How do you get Skins?

If getting new skins is a big deal for you, you will have to get them through methods such as trading and opening cases. The easiest method is to simply purchase them from a marketplace. Steam is a secure marketplace to get CS: GO skins at a good price.

The best thing about this platform is that you won’t be scammed. Scamming is very common in the skin industry,especially if you choose to purchase skins from a different website. You can also trade for skins.

Trading is usually done for getting high-quality skins only, as they are difficult to purchase due to their price. The only free method to get skins is by playing CS: GO more often.

The game will drop skins from time to time. The grade of these skins will be random, and mostly, they will be low-grade skins, but you can get better skins by playing more. This is a luck-based method, and no trick will work here.

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