Online Security: Social Media Scams, A Thorough Guideline

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: July 23, 2020.

Many of us are using social media. It has become a part of our life. But we need to follow some safety measures to make payments safe online. You can use some technologies that include phone number search, and email search before deciding on a payment. All these can be effective to collect essential data.

At the same time, you will have to keep a vigilant eye to ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable page. If you choose an inexperienced network, they might not be following all the advanced safety measures to protect your information.

In this article, we will cover some easy ways to make payments on social media safe. Keep reading and follow the given tips to make your online shopping easy and safe.

High-Rank Pages

While shopping online, you should always consider high-rank pages. If the page has a good ranking, then it is worth considering. Check all the details and make sure that you are going through the number of followers and comments. These things are important to ensure the credibility and reliability of a page.

If it has a good ranking and is appreciated by customers, then you can think of a purchase. When there are only a minimal number of followers, and you do not find any comment, it is better to consider other options. After all, you are going to share your financial details, and you cannot risk your hard-earned money.

Read Reviews

Now customers are smart. If they do not like a product or service, they are going to share their reviews. It is the best way to judge a web page. However, the web page can use fake reviews to win your trust. This is happening nowadays, and you need to be careful.

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So, be attentive while going through the reviews. If you find some review is not genuine, you can use the link to contact the customer. The customer can share his/her personal experience. A product should have mixed reviews. If it has only positive reviews, then you can talk to the reviewers to avoid any confusion.

Use Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup

As stated earlier, you can use technologies to collect information about web page owners. Some tools such as Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup could be effective to check the criminal records of the owner of that page. You will be aware of the criminal history if there is any.

Once you will start using this tool, you could effectively and effortlessly
collect all the required information about the owner, and that can be useful
to make a decision.

Full Prepayments

You should always avoid making a full prepayment if the option is there. Instead of making the full prepayment, you can consider paying only a minimal amount, and once you receive the product or service, you can make the rest payment. This step will help you to save some money.

If you make the full prepayment and the page is not genuine, you will lose all your money. So, act smart and avoid making a full prepayment.

“More Subscribers in One Click” Online

You should also avoid using some services such as “more subscribers in one click”. This feature might offer easy access to more subscribers. However, it has some downsides as well. When the number will be more, there is a possibility that the information will be shared by a large number of people and that can cause some security issues as well. So, avoid this feature even if it offers some benefits.

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Payment Information

You should make a conscious effort not to share your payment details with others. Your payment information such as bank details, personal data, and passwords are highly confidential. Therefore, you should not share this information with anyone. More importantly, you should not share your account details and similar data with any new and inexperienced website.

Wrapping Up

We cannot avoid online shopping due to its convenience. However, you need to follow some safety measures to make shopping safe and hassle-free. A minor mistake can cause a lot of troubles. So, always consider reliable sites and take caution while making payments.


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