Why Choosing the Right Software is Essential for a Good Casino Experience?

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Last Updated: February 19, 2021.

If you play casino games regularly, you most probably have a few favorite slots. And if you prefer the more strategy-reliant table games, there’s a game you choose over others. Maybe you like the graphics. Maybe it’s your lucky charm.

Regardless, many savvy players are choosy when it comes to selecting casino games and software providers. According to experts, being selective is the right way to find great slots and table games. Here’s why.

Note: Please be noted we do not encourage or support online gambling etc, and we don’t own such portals/websites, please follow your local laws and invest at your own risk. 

Security and Trustworthiness

For the uninitiated, software providers are third-party businesses that create and lease the many games you find at online casinos. Sure, some casinos own a development-branch that creates a handful of slots in-house. But the majority of games come from independent developers.

That means developers are responsible for securing games from hackers. They also design the RNG software that determines when you win and lose. If this system is rigged, then you risk playing games geared to helping casinos win.

In light of that information, you need to choose casinos that lease games
from well-known software providers. Brands like NetEnt, Microgaming, and
Playtech have been in the industry for over two decades. 

They’re well-known, known, trustworthy, and regulated to ensure they create consistently fair games.

Trust is particularly important. A software provider can always acquire a license from a dodgy regulator. But if it’s reputable, then you’ll have an assurance its games are safe.

Quality and Reliability

Let’s face it. Quality is the most important factor in a game. If a game is poorly done—dated graphics, crashes often, repetitive music, and zero innovation—no one can dare play it more than once. In fact, no one wants to spend their money on a game that provides no entertainment value.

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Everyone wants to play high-quality games. We are talking about 3D graphics, high-definition soundtracks, properly functioning betting features, add-ons, and top-notch security. These games exist, but they come from leading software developers.

BestCasinoSites.net explains more about popular software providers: Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution, Microgaming, and IGT to name a few. It also features a list of the best casinos to play games from all leading developers.

Check out the providers and their partner casinos. Keep in mind many of the casinos have games from more than one developer. If you don’t like a particular casino, you can choose another one, provided you ensure it features games from your favorite software provider. 

Game Variety

This point is tied to the quality issue we mentioned above. On the one hand, you want a software provider that’s loaded with lots of diverse games. On the other, you want many of these games to be of high-quality

Let’s start with variety. In the early 2000s, most software providers had one type of game—fruit-themed slots. No matter where you went, casinos had games with three reels, a few paylines, and lots of fruit on them. Luckily, those days are gone.

Today, the best providers have loads of different games. They have fruity slots for people nostalgic about classic games. And they have video slots inspired by TV shows, sports franchises, athletes, celebrities, video games, ancient worlds, and science fiction.

This variety helps spice up the gaming experience. It keeps you from getting bored and instead motivates you to try out different slots. Of course, variety also applies to table games. So, look for developers that not only supports blackjack, poker, and roulette but a company that also provides variants of these games.

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Payout Rates

For some people, payout rates are the start and end of finding a software provider. If a developer creates high-paying games, they’re willing to test its games. If its games have terrible payout percentages, then they don’t play the games no matter how beautiful they look.

Although you don’t want to narrow down your search for games to one factor, it makes sense to choose games with high payout rates. Nearly all slots and table games are dependent on luck. You can’t use skills to increase your winning percentage.

The only thing you can do is to select games that give you a high chance of winning, AKA high payouts. In the slot section, payouts are based on Return to Player (RTP). It’s based on a scale of one to 100, where the closer to 100 a game gets; the better.

For table games, players check the house edge. It’s also calculated as a percentage but it’s derived by subtracting a game’s RTP from 100%. Blackjack, for example, has a house advantage of 1%. That means it pays out 99% of gambler money—an impressive rate.

Betting and In-Game Features

Every casino game has betting limits and configuration features. As a player, you want a game that appeals to your budget and betting style. If you prefer to spend small amounts, then look for a slot that lets you wager as little as 10p. If you have a higher appetite for risk, then you can select a slot with huge limits and high variance. 

Besides the basic betting features, great casino games also come with in-game features that add entertainment or increase your potential profits. Think of bonus rounds. They help you win free spins to continue playing your favorite slots. 

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On the other hand, multipliers and cascading reels can magnify your potential profits. And if you really want to win a lot of money in a few spins, then find games with progressive jackpots. 

Mobile Compatibility

In this age of iPhones and Android smartphones, no tech-savvy Internet user lives without a mobile device. And since these devices can handle online games, people use their phones to play mobile games regularly. Naturally, this means the best software providers are already making mobile-compatible games.

And unless you don’t use your phone for gaming, there’s a chance you would prefer mobile-responsive slots and table games. Lots of developers have a wide variety of games you can play on android and iOS devices. But dig around to ensure the list of supported mobile games is decent. 


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