How Relevant are Professional Audio Translation Services in the Technology Age?

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 22, 2021.

Audio translation services are not utilized enough in this modern age, considering all the benefits that they can bring to people and businesses.

In this blog, we will talk a little about what audio translation is, what it is used for, and how it relates to the digital age in which we live. So, what can benefit from an audio translation? 

Think of every video online right now…

Every video can benefit from audio translation. The internet has become a great repository of knowledge, a lot of which is held in videos such as Youtube videos, skill-learning sites, and videos on social media.

However, a lot of these are only made in one language – primarily English. What this means is that if you don’t speak English, a lot of this content is cut off from you. You can’t access the wealth of knowledge, information, learning, and entertainment out there.

This also means that if you are a content creator, you are going to struggle
to get your content out to a wide audience.

Again, it does not matter what exactly your content is – it could be education or entertainment, it could be aimed at children or adults, it could be anything – but without audio translation services, your content is limited to only people who speak the language you created your content in.

Again, this is often English, but it could be another language, potentially limiting your reach further if it is an uncommon language.

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What about other content?

Of course, it is not just videos online that can be audio translated. There are so many uses for audio translation. For example, audiobooks or recordings of poetry, or even podcasts, can all be translated.

Training videos for internal business use can also be translated so that you can use the same video – just with different audio – to train employees in different languages and thus in different locations.

There is also a huge use of audio translation in providing dubbing for TV programs or entertainment videos.

This is a huge advantage over translating and re-recording content yourself, as you can make sure that the translation is done by a professional and the script is perfect before committing to having it done in a new language.

Why use a professional?

We’ve said that using a professional makes sure an audio translation is done right, but why? What sets someone apart in being able to make better translations?

How many languages do you know?

Well, first and foremost there is of course the language barrier. Plenty of people who want to branch their material out to new languages will either not speak those languages, or will not have a fluent grasp of those languages.

Without a fluent grasp of the target language, it is basically impossible to translate an audio or video file into a new language. And there are over 6000 languages on Earth, so it’s highly likely that you will, at some point, come up against a language you don’t know (unless you are the greatest linguist ever!).

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Native vs fluent

However, even if you do speak the language fluently, you may find that your translation won’t be as good as the translation of a native speaker of that language. Just think, when you write or record your material, you probably use your native language or the language you speak the most.

Most people will prefer to communicate in their native language, and for good reason. In our native languages, we will all be most comfortable with the sayings, phrasings, idioms, and general flow of the words.

It is possible to speak multiple languages, but only a native speaker will really get it sounding picture-perfect to another native speaker. And with content reaching out to more and more people via the internet, you want to make sure that the content sounds perfectly fluent and graceful to keep people engaged.

Professional linguists vs computers

Of course, some people might prefer to use readily available online computer translation software. It might seem like a cheap and easy solution but this is far from it. Computers have no concept of true understanding.

They can only follow a set of rules to get an outcome – so that lovely native-tongue fluidity and perfect phrasing we spoke about? Computers miss that more often than not.

Espresso Translations for audio translation services

If you’ve now realized all the benefits that professional audio translation services can bring to your business, project, or content, you should contact us over at Espresso Translations.

We are one of the leading translation agencies and offer native-tongue audio translation services for over 150 languages. We are keen to make sure that every translation we handle is done accurately and sounds flawless to native speakers of your target language. We can help bring your content out to the global stage.

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