A One-Stop Guide to Creating YouTube Intros

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 15, 2020.

In the modern world, video is the most highly consumed form of content. An average internet user spends more than an hour of their waking hours watching some video.

While there are various places one can go to watch videos online, YouTube remains the most common video search engine. Brands have started making the most of this trend by inverting their efforts in creating an effective YouTube presence.

By giving the option of creating brand channels, having different playlists for different products or services, and arranging live streaming of videos, YouTube is providing a convenient platform for brands to reach out to their potential customers. As video marketing continues to hold the attention of the public, as a brand, you need to be extremely cautious in this.

Understand that the average viewer today has a much smaller attention span, and every second of your video will decide whether he or she will watch further. With a host of video options, unless you can captivate your viewers in the first 30 seconds, chances are that they will simply scroll past it.

To make the most of your introductory seconds and strike a chord with the
audience, you need to focus on creating unique YouTube intros. 

While you may do this with your basic online video editor, there are special tools that are dedicated to creating intros. Using them makes your job much simpler, and you can get steller results in a matter of minutes. Here are six tools that you may want to consider for preparing the intros of your YouTube videos.

InVideo Intro Maker

If you are looking for an intuitive intro-making tool that lets you create an intro in a few minutes, then InVideo is the best option. Here, there are multiple intro templates for you to choose from.

After you make your pick, you can alter the background, add textual content, change the font color, size and style. That way, you have complete control over the personalization.

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Filmora9 does not have any web version, and one needs to have it downloaded to be able to use it. However, on the positive aspect, this is a free tool, and you do not need to shell out money to use it. The only catch here is the fact that videos created in the free version come with a watermark, and you need to upgrade your plan to do away with that.

Other than the watermark issue, most of the features of the very version are identical to that of the paid ones. A professional video editor, Filmora9, is recommended for people with prior video editing experience. The intuitive interface allows you to create YouTube intros and do a lot more in a matter of a few clicks.


If you are unable to dedicate much time to create an intro and would want an intro maker tool that takes care of everything from scratch, then the Renderforest is something you must consider. This tool comes with more than 50,000 templates for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, you may either choose to go for the free plan or the paid ones that come with a subscription of $9.99 every month.  

Under the free version, you can create up to 3 minutes if 360p video while if you go for the paid version, there is no time restriction.  

The paid version also does not have any watermark and give your videos a professional look. Irrespective of whether you use the free version or the paid ones, you can personalize your chosen template by changing the soundtracks, photos, graphics, and fonts involved.


If you are looking to create high-quality YouTube intros but do not have prior experience, then Biteable is the best option for you. It has several templates for you to choose from, which can then be edited to create an intro of your choice.

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The free version of the app allows you to create 10 videos for which you will have access to 800,000 clips. Intros created in the free mode come with watermarks which can be done away with by switching to the premium version.


If you are looking for a wholesome intro and outro maker that caters to the video needs of your startup or small business, then Ivipid is one of the best options for you. There is no free version of this app, but considering that plans start from $1.99, it will be fair to state that Ivipid is affordable for most businesses.

The beauty is the tool is that here you will be charged on what you use, and if you need to make a single video, you do not have to pay for one month’s worth of subscription. Intros created in Ivipid are free from any unwanted watermark and make local businesses using it come off as professional.


Crello is a recommended tool for those with a creative mind and a lot of time to devote to creating their intro. The tool has more than 30 thousand graphics and 140 million images for you to choose from, and if you are still unsatisfied with the result, you can always add your images.  With 25,000 templates to choose from, you can create an eye-catching intro with the free version itself.

There is ample room for you to experiment with backgrounds, animation, twerk objects, and do a lot more. If you are keen to use Crello to come up with personalized animations for your intro, then you can choose to opt for the paid version that comes at $7.99 per month.


If you are looking for a quick tool and do not feel the need for multiple customizations, and want an easy intro maker, then VideoCreek is an editing tool you can consider. This is aimed at helping beginners create intros and is completely free of cost. All you have to do is choose a template, change its audio and image to your taste and save it.

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Here, the video layout is pre-decided and cannot be amended by you. On the positive side, this is one of the few free intros making tools that gives you video result without a watermark.

By spending some time navigating these tools, you will be able to figure out which is the best suited for your intro needs. Once you have that sorted, it is recommended that you use the same tool to create the intros of each of your YouTube videos to maintain the uniformity and give an aesthetic appeal to your channel. You can also use VideoCreek’s outro maker for making your Youtube outros.


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