How to Protect Your Car from Theft | A Thorough Guide

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 04, 2021.

Most of the tips for protecting your car are very simple and predictable. Many car owners have understood them countless times, but still, they do not comply. Is it possible to protect your vehicle from theft if you live in a criminally-dangerous city? We have some simple recipes for you.

You might be acknowledged to some conventional techniques that include but are not limited to GPS trackers, steering locks, paddle clasp, and other tricks to avoid any possible theft. You need to train yourself on how to prevent car theft beyond these common ways, where merely locking up the car and relying on the built-in immobilizer won’t do the job.

Protecting your keys from “relay” attacks is entirely conceivable. This can be done by wrapping them in something metallic (mainly aluminum foil) to obstruct the signals. There are uniquely designed devices that thieves may use to intercept the signal of your car keys without you notifying them.

Besides, you should never keep the car engine running and try to park within the range of security cameras because professionals commit these acts, so you need to be extra cautious. Likewise, there are some other ways to lessen the chances of your car from being taken.

If you were unlucky to lose your car before, you presumably know that all of them may be traced by VIN number. You can order the FAXVIN ATV report and check if the vehicle has been thieved before purchasing. You should also mind the following tips to make your vehicle less winning to thieves:

Choose a Car that doesn’t Interest Thieves

1This is one of the funniest recommendations. But for some, it seems quite helpful.

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The rating of stolen cars is quite traditional – Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen sedan, and Range Rover. Cheap cars are also popular. In both cases, the motivation is simple. Those cars that are in demand may be possibly stolen, and comparatively, their immobilizing systems can be bypassed easily.

Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KIA, Skoda, Ford – belong to the middle-risk group. The owners of Volvo, Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, SsangYong, Suzuki have almost nothing to worry about.

Install Good Alarm System

2Most car owners neglect this primitive advice. 99% of cars today are equipped with standard alarms. Salon sales managers convince customers that these are sound systems.

People are also frightened by the fact that the installation of an emergency security system requires deep intervention in the car’s electronics. Professional thieves are familiar with all regular operations, and it takes a few seconds to turn them off.

I think we all at some time leave our car engine running to run to return back to the house for something.

Besides having a reliable alarm system, keeping your vehicle out of the hands of a criminal is more obvious when you equip your home or workplace with a licensed security system that includes outdoor cameras, GPS programmed apps/software, motion detectors, and even mobile security alerts.

Add Mechanical Protection

3Experienced experts propose the installation of emergency locks on the gearbox. Expensive systems with sophisticated locks and keys can confuse even an experienced hijacker. Indeed, the choice of mechanical protective equipment is more variable than electronic alarms and anti-theft systems. It is impossible to predict what kind of stuff may be needed to remove such protection.

You believe or not, choosing a reliable steering lock alone could prove a daunting
task. Usually, such locks prove fragile and become baggy within a few days. So 
extreme care is expected before you opt for one. Moreover, these tools might 
prove costly for your car parts, so deploy them with special care.

Use Comprehensive Protection

4Finding several levels of protection, thieves are likely to leave the car and find another target. Even if each of these levels of protection alone is not a problem, in total, they can take so much time that the risk of being noticed will be significant.

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An expensive electronic system, mechanical security enhanced by a well-lit and preferably guarded parking are a set of measures that can be deemed adequate.

Ignition cut-off systems that might prevent a car from being started. Some modern cars come with passive alarms that operate/activate automatically when the key is removed from the ignition. Once the system emits a signal, it can be tracked by the police, monitoring/tracker company, or other law enforcement agencies.

Having a dual tracking system seems a more expensive option, but most tracking systems have high recovery rates, and usually, the thieves assume a car to have only one tracker which is to be fixed. But on our recommendation, try to have two simultaneous tracker systems that work with many police operations as well.

Not to mention, insurance coverage is worth a lot in the hour of distress, but do consider their terms and conditions before you sign a contract with the company. That terms must have to include the whole damage coverage if not the third party coverage.

Keep a Spare Key Intact

5Car thieves are interested in selling a stolen vehicle. This task is complicated if the auto is noticeable and very different from the standard factory design. Firstly, it is more difficult to drive such a car from the place of hijacking to its destination. Secondly, having stolen a notable car, hijackers should immediately repaint it, dismantling the tuning elements. It requires a location and equipment that is costly enough.

If your vehicle is lost, one of the first questions a police offer will ask is “do you have a spare key/keys?” and you might wonder that the spare key was hidden below the seat or some other secret place within the car, while that wasn’t what expected.

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You should keep the spare key at home or some other place, obviously not in the car. Further, remember always to park a vehicle as closest as possible to the foot-path or ramp, so it may not get “towed” with a chain quickly. A combination of mechanical protection i-e locks for hand-brake, gear, steering, and paddle. Moreover, Consider having it as backup security in addition to GPS tracking devices and theft alarms, etc.

Do you think that your car is protected from theft? Now we assume that you know what measures could be taken to minimize the risk.


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