Mapping Software for Visualizing your Data 

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 26, 2021.

Visualizing your data is an excellent way to simplify large amounts of information and complex concepts. When it comes to location-based data, it is best visualized with mapping software. 

Mapping software is a computer system that makes it possible for users to map, model, query, and analyze enormous amounts of data within a single database based on their location.

 In creating maps that integrate information from various sources, users
 can see patterns, identify trends, and, when necessary, develop solutions. 

This article provides a list of mapping software tools that make it easy to visualize data and share it with others. 

Mapping Software for Data Visualization 

Tableau Public

A free platform, Tableau Public lets you share and explore data visualizations online. This program allows you to quickly and easily create interactive maps, graphs, and live dashboards.

No coding is required, and the platform is capable of handling millions of viewers. Additionally, your maps can be embedded on a website or shared through social media


Infogram offers mapping software as part of its abundance of data visualization tools. It features 13 map types and makes it possible for teams to collaborate in real-time. Additionally, all maps can be animated or made interactive.

Animation features include making objects bounce, zoom, flip, fade, and slide. Interactive features include tooltips, tabs, clickable legends, and linking.

Infogram is optimized for mobile so that you can use it on the go, and you can add it to Facebook Instant Articles, publish it on Medium, or use it on a WordPress website through the Infogram WordPress plugin. 

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Creating interactive maps with Datawrapper is easy because no design skills are required. Instead, all design rules are incorporated within this software’s features. Datawrapper makes it possible to create choropleth, symbol, and locator maps.

All these maps are responsive so that they can be viewed on any device. Additionally, users can automate map creation with Datawrapper’s API. 


Powered by Google Maps, Maptive uses spreadsheet data to create interactive maps.

This mapping software program offers a number of tools for organizing and analyzing data, including heat mapping, multiple variable grouping, filtering, and drawing.

Additionally, it has tools such as the geographic boundary territory tool, the polygon territory tool, and the radius map tool. This program also features all the benefits of Google Maps, including Street View, Geographic Search, Google Places Search, and Satellite Image Mapping software.

Maptive is also cloud-based and mobile responsive. All maps can be exported and printed, embedded on a website, or shared with colleagues. 


A browser-based software program, Polymaps is a user-friendly tool for creating interactive and dynamic maps. It features a JavaScript library that supports multiple visual presentations for tiled vector data.

Polymaps uses geographical data and maps from Bing and OpenStreetMap, making it possible to load data specific to limited areas such as individual neighborhoods and streets.

Unlike the other programs on this list, Polymaps does require the user to have some coding knowledge.

Polymaps employs SVG to display information, so you’ll need to use CSS rules to define the design of your data. 


This cloud-based mapping software lets users create beautifully interactive maps on any device with no experience necessary.

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ArcGIS makes it possible to analyze and work with data using a variety of tools.

Users can also share their maps or collaborate on the creation of their maps with colleagues. Location data can be uploaded into the program from cloud content or a spreadsheet.

ArcGIS supports a number of different file types, including KML and GeoJSON.

Additionally, the add-on ArcGIS velocity lets users connect to external sources of observational data such as IoT platforms, third-party APIs, and message brokers. 


Maptitude makes it possible to create maps from spreadsheets or external data such as Google Maps KML/KMZ files.

This program, specifically designed for data visualization and geographic analysis, features several map types, including marketing and sales maps, territory maps, and business maps.

It also includes tools such as clustering, routing deliveries and pickups, and flow line tools. 


Using mapping software for data visualization allows you to see trends and patterns that might not otherwise be discernible. Mapping software programs offer many different features for data analysis and visualization.

Therefore, choosing a software option requires that you understand what you want to get out of your mapping software so you can choose the one with the features you need.


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