What to Expect from Mobile Betting Apps This Year

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: March 03, 2021.

Gambling companies had to hold, nudge and shift around in 2020. The year’s events saw most of these companies invest in their online operations and what they could provide to players remotely. And it is this trend that is set to continue as we continue into 2021.

If focusing on online gambling is the aim of the immediate future, what can we expect from gambling companies this year?

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More Mobile Casino Apps

A mobile casino app is an application made for players to download onto their smartphones and enjoy their favorite casino games. They can sign in to their personal gambling account and play games through the app instead of a web browser.

Many gambling companies – even successful ones – had neglected this feature before. This is mainly because players would not find difficulty playing games on the move by merely visiting the casino’s web address from their smartphone.

But with online gaming becoming the primary focus, casino apps are top of the agenda.

Not only do casino apps for iOS and Android make some games more playable
on the device, but they have other benefits. 

Players may spend more of their leisure time gambling on a casino if the app is staring them in the face every time they open their phone to check social media or shoot off a text. This can be good for casino membership numbers and profits.

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Better Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are revolutionizing online gaming. These are games that you can play where the dealer in the game (either card dealer, roulette attendant, or another type of host) will be filmed live in a studio.

Playing online casino games – possibly from a casino app – will be made even more realistic and personal if your live dealer can interact with you and other remote players. Of course, these games already exist, but now new casino game variations are being introduced.

For example, instead of living roulette games, there are now live roulette games based on specific cities and locations where the live dealer is being streamed from.

And it is not just about the classic casino games being made live. Developers are introducing new casino games with a live host that has never been seen before.

One example is the Monopoly Live Casino game that brings a new gambling twist to a classic game. 5G wireless internet is going to make these experiences smoother as well.


When Will We See Virtual Reality Gambling?

The thought of virtual reality gambling will blow your mind. Imagine putting on a VR headset and being swept away to the casino floors of Vegas and Macau. Then imagine finishing your games and taking a position behind the bar or tables to earn some money as a VR casino dealer.

This might become possible as virtual reality is perfected, but it is not likely to become a reality (pardon the pun) this year.


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