Microsoft 70-487 Exam: Benefits & Tips to Pass it

By: Tim Van Divort
Last Updated: 5th of June, 2018.

I have been a .NET developer for more than five years and had some knowledge of WCF as I had worked on the projects. As the cloud is the latest trend in technology and every project needs the competency of it, I decided to pursue 70-487 certification exam. It aims at developing Microsoft Azure and web services. Let me tell you just at the start, that this is not easy and requires a bit of hard work in accomplishing it.

70-487 Covers The Topics Below

  • Data technologies – It includes all the aspects of accessing data using ADO.NET, implementing caching and transactions, implementing data storage in Microsoft Azure, and Implementing solutions using Microsoft Azure.
    Querying and manipulating data using entity framework – It will include your knowledge on asking with LINQ, implementing data entity framework, manipulating data providers using entity framework.
  • Consuming Web-API services – This will include all about Web-API like creating, managing, securing, hosting and managing the Web-API web services.
  • Creating and implementing web services- This section will include all about WCF, implementing Azure services and monitoring the web services.
  • Deploying web services – This section includes the deployment strategies and configuration of web services.

So now you know the sections and topics you will be tested in his exam. This exam costs around whooping $165USD, so you should be prepared to clear the exam.

So what benefits you will get on clearing 70-487 exam

70-487 is an excellent exam for the developers with ASP.NET experience. You can have a background in web applications, ASP.NET MVC or WCF. This exam will give a significant boost to your career, and you can get more great hike showing the cloud competencies in your organization. The trend of using Microsoft Azure has rapidly increased in recent times as more and more industries are adopting Microsoft Azure.

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This certification will significantly enhance your knowledge of Microsoft Azure and web services. Further, there are some websites to take Free Practicing Exams facility which may be worth checking.


Who should opt for this certification?

The candidates who are familiar with ASP.NET MVC, using Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core, you should have a minimum of 3-5 years of web development experience.


Tips for passing 70-487

As you know there is no shortcut to success, 70-487 is a tough exam and require the right amount of hard work for clearing. You may not have worked on any LIVE projects with Azure and WCF, but then, there are plenty of video tutorials and books you may refer to acquire the knowledge on the same. The best tip from my experience is that this may be the certification that tests your knowledge of Microsoft Azure, but you should be thorough with WCF and its fundamentals.


Question structure

The questions generally have multiple choice questions, multiple answer questions, drag and drop questions and case studies. Case studies are usually based on projects, requirements which test your analytical skills and competency in resolving it. The questions will also include debugging code samples and adding code wherever necessary.


Questions content

As I have mentioned above, if you are opting for clearing this certification then you must have a good knowledge of WCF. About 20% of the questions I got were about WCF, some of them were on advanced concepts on the same. Many questions were focused on Visual Studio tools and deployments which includes IIS. It will be good if you get an idea on deployment strategies as well as FTP, HTTP and web deploy. The other sections will also contain concepts on the entity framework and querying using LINQ.

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You can start learning from some of the great tutorial and videos share by ExamSnap Microsoft MCSA 70-487 Exam Dumps. Start with Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) jumpstart – Deep dive in Windows Azure Websites. The video is excellent and completely free. You only need a free Microsoft account to access it.
You can also go through the full five days of Microsoft Azure training by the best trainers like Scott Hanselman, focus on the developer level videos. They are a great help on your first step.


Achieving Notes:

Microsoft 70-487 is the great certification exam for the developers having some amount of development experience. We don’t spend too much time on Microsoft Azure resources, instead also fundamentals. The questions I faced were quite straightforward, and any developer with proper knowledge and can answer it. There are no simple guidelines to pass this certification instead you have to brush through every topic that is marked by Microsoft. The candidate should be very cautious and never resort to cheating as the penalty will be a lifetime ban by Microsoft.

There are quite brilliant resources for 70-487 available on the internet, and you may clear the exam with 30 days of constant anticipation and hard work. In today’s market cloud services has gained a lot of attention because of its scalability and reliability. Many organizations have adopted cloud as infrastructure, software, and platform to build their services and also preferring to hire professionals who are competent in these technologies. So, 70-487 certification will help you to grow and boost your career. I wish you good luck with your 70-487 certification exam.

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