Most Popular Types of Explainer Videos: A Tutorial

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: January 25, 2021.

The explainer video is one of the types of videos for businesses that serve to describe and present the essence of the product, its principles of operation, and how it differs from its counterparts on the market.

The explainer is the main tool for presenting and promoting a new product or startup. The greatest demand is observed in high technologies, ITindustry. The explainer video agencyExplain Ninja will find the most suitable type of video for you to help develop your product.

What tasks does the explainer video solve?

  1. Clearly and visually presents the viewer with a large amount of information (unreadable in text form) and contains it in 12 minutes. It is easier to look than to read and understand.
  2. Effectively and unobtrusively talks about complex technology, advantages, motivates to purchase a product. Explains visually what it is and how it works.
  3. Increases the conversion of the selling page. Relevant with low landing page conversion, a large number of screens with textno one looks at such long reads.
  4. Stands out from competitors, as well as from competitors using live videos, if it is an animated explainer video.
  5. Simultaneously (in parallel) presents the product in several places at once.
  6. Saves time and effort of sales managers for negotiations with clients.

When does a business need an explanatory video?

  1. When launching a new unique product on the market, the essence of which is long and difficult to explain in words.
  2. To gain positions in the existing market.
  3. Many details distinguish the product from competitors.
  4. Your audience is not ready to listen to long slide presentations.
  5. Highly competitive market environment. If other companies don’t have an explainer video, you can gain a powerful competitive advantage.
  6. Managers spend too much time conveying product information to customers.
  7. We use ineffective dry text presentations that do not emotionally affect the target audience of the product.
  8. Low conversion of the existing site.
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When is the best time to order an explainer?

During the first reviews of a new product, when people do not understand what is at stake.

When trying to explain the essence of a new product to colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, or when interacting with potential investors and partners.

During the direct creation of a new product.

After the first release of the product.

When it becomes clear that almost no one studies the FAQ section on the site.

After a failed advertising campaign, the target audience does not understand what kind of product it is.

Explainer Video Types

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is a technique that involves recording one frame of a model (typically made of clay) at a time, then moving or manipulating the subject a little amount and repeating the process.

It catches the attention since it’s unique and has its own creative appeal. It’s also tough to make (you’ll need a dedicated studio and specialized equipment) and expensive.


When you want to show how the software works, this approach is ideal. We may capture straight from the browser or app and then apply some visual effects afterward (highlights, zooming, scaling, big mouse pointer, etc.).

Additionally, when a person is using their phone or accessing the internet, screencast video may be added to live footage.

Motion Graphics in 2D

For explainer videos, 2D Motion Graphics is an excellent “all-around” approach. Images – either stock or specially generated – are manipulated to create them.

One of the reasons 2D Motion Graphics works so well is because it’s quite effective to alter or merge a brand logo (which is, of course, an image) and assets with other pictures. App demonstrations, tech animations, financial visuals, and business explainer films are the best uses for it.

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Animation using Cutouts

This is another style that does exactly what it says on the tin. Elements (characters and objects) are cut out of paper and then shot to move together in cutout animation.

It’s low-tech, to be sure, but since it’s so straightforward, the spectator can concentrate on the message rather than being distracted.

3D Animation

When it comes to computer animation projects, 3D explainer videos are costly. To put everything in perspective, a 2D motion graphics film requires two artists and two animators.

To handle the vast quantity of data in a 3D animation film of the same duration, you’ll need to invest in pricey ultra-powerful processors.

Frame by Frame Animation

This is the origin of animation. The art form has been present for decades, and almost everyone is familiar with at least one classic Disney film in which it is included.

It’s done the old-fashioned way: each shot is sketched by hand, with a minor movement modification for each frame. With 15 to 30 frames per second of video stitched together, you can make anything you want. It’s lovely, but it takes a long time to complete (which translates to expensive).


The most popular and greatest value are motion graphics (2D and 2D with characters) films and explainer movies utilizing stock material. They are reasonably priced while maintaining a high level of manufacturing quality.

When it comes down to it, you need to be able to effectively show or explain your product, which is why they are excellent choices.

Live-action with accompanying motion graphics is an excellent alternative if you need to illustrate how the real product works or speak directly to your audience.

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