How Can I Stop The Mouse From Going to the Second Screen

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: April 25, 2022.

The usage of dual monitors is picking up and people are liking the concept of having multiple monitors linked to their computers for various reasons.  It increases productivity and helps them indulge in creativity and artistic pursuits in a better way. 

Gaming has only gotten better by having multiple monitors as the widescreen effect enhances the visual display.  It gives flexibility and makes checking your social media handles easier, and sharing data is easier. 

Having multiple screens can also cause distraction because your attention
is divided. It can add to the clutter on your desk by taking too much space. 

Now when you have decided to have multiple screens you will have to find a way to restrict the movement of the cursor too. 

What can be frustrating about having multiple screens is when you use the mouse, and the cursor jumps to the second screen without any warning. 

Gamers might be experiencing this a lot while playing, and they might find it difficult to focus because the cursor would have moved to the second screen. It can cause your work or game to hang or crash making it annoying. 

You need to get your mouse set up in a way that it is locked to one screen and does not jump to the other screen while you are doing something important at work or playing games on the computer. 

How can you restrict your mouse to just one screen? A lot of software, both premium and free are available that will aid you in your quest to stop the mouse from going to the second screen.  

Let us list down the apps that are available and can be used to keep your mouse locked to one screen.

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On Using Dual Monitor Tools:

This is a free app that can be used if you are using dual monitors and it comes with a lot of features that will help you in locking your mouse to one screen.  

Making the mouse stay on one screen is required many times especially when you are at work or playing some interesting games or while scrolling Social media on your vertical monitor.

A cursor jumping from one monitor to another can be avoided if the below instructions are followed. 

  • Download the Dual Monitor Tools app and run it on your computer. Then go to the Start Menu
  • The DMT icon will be in the background. Click on it by going to Notifications
  • Once you click on the DMT icon you will get to see the software window
  • Go to the Cursor Menu and click on the General button
  • You will get to see the Lock Cursor on Screen. Click on the Change button next to it 
  • When you change it, the hotkeys button will show, and you must tick it so that it is enabled
  • Assign on the hotkeys as you like and click on Save

On Using the Cursor Lock App:

The Cursor Lock is again another free app that can be used to help you with locking your mouse to one screen. 

The features that you get on this app are beneficial to dual monitor users. 

One of those is to lock the mouse from sliding from one screen to another while at work or playing games. Have a look at what must be done to use this app and get your cursor to stay on one screen.

  • Once you download the app, install it, and run it on your computer
  • Go to Open Program and see where you want your cursor to be pointed without it jumping to the next screen
  • You will find Create Shortcut button at the bottom right corner and by clicking on that you will be able to create a shortcut game or program
  • Now a shortcut game or program has been created on your desktop
  • Use the shortcut to start the program enabled by Cursor Lock
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The above mentioned are the basic settings of the Cursor Lock app.

Many a time you might have to go to the advanced settings depending on the program and that depends on what you are working on or the games you are playing. 

You can also enable the option of hotkeys here for locking the mouse to one monitor. 

On-Going for Quick Fixes (Without Using Any Software):

You can lock your mouse to one screen without using downloading the above-mentioned software. 

It is easy to apply and use and will save you from downloading software and installing it on your computer.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on your computer.
  • Look for ‘Screen Resolution’, and once you find that you will get the ‘Customization’ option 

This will enable you to change the display according to what suits you. Having a side-by-side alignment will give more chances for the mouse to go to the second monitor. 

You can change it to diagonal alignment by shifting the other monitor diagonally. The options can be found under screen resolution in Windows 7, and display settings in Windows 10.

Another advantage of not using any software is that there will not be too much software on your computer that will make it slow and lag and can become a target for viruses and malware. 


By now you must be having an idea of how to restrict the movements of your cursor to one screen. 

You will also know by now that getting your mouse locked to one screen while working or playing is not a Herculean task. 

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You can achieve it either by using the abovementioned software or the easy tips which we have shared above, especially when you are busy at work or playing an exciting game.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Follow the instructions and meet your work deadline and play a hassle-free game instead of getting distracted and irritated because of the movement of the cursor from one screen to another when least required. 



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