Pragmatic Tech Tips For All College Students

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: October 31, 2021.

Being a student has never been easy. Most college students have a lot to juggle from their schoolwork to social life, after-school programs to jobs, extra classes, and other extra activities. 

Time and money aren’t just enough for these. However, there are some tech skills every college student should know that will help them be on the right track.

Technology can be used in so many ways to save more time and money and
make student life and experience worth it.

So, here are some tech tips to apply as a college student to help keep you balanced.

Note from CEO: We do not encourage and aren’t associated with any homework cheat website nor do we run any such portal, this post is a sponsored one, and do follow your local laws for guidance.

Use top college websites for your assignment.

Getting homework assignments done could be a little difficult for most students, especially for those who have after-school jobs to do, or students who cannot do their homework on their own without assistance from other students or an instructor. 

Several college cheating websites can help you if you fall into this category of students. These websites are online platforms that will provide you with all assistance you will need to complete your homework assignments on any topic and in any field of your expertise. 

Learn how to back up files.

Your college files and documents are important and need to be kept safe. These files can be backed up with a smart password and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection or by simply providing the smart password used during the backup process. 

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You can transfer, back up, or store your files with google accounts, in Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google docs to keep your information safe.

Use note-taking apps.

Hand copying study notes are no doubt very stressful. It’s easier done with the help of note-taking apps. With these apps, you can take notes by either recording the voice or snapping, organizing, and storing it as a text file that you can easily access anytime you need it. 

Note-taking apps can save you text files and keep them safe even for a long time as long as you backed them up properly.

Learn software basics.

Knowing some basic software usage is necessary and will save you extra costs. Increase your studies with a significant dive into learning software programs or systems of interest.

Knowing software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office and Excel, and other software will save you extra time and money, so you don’t need to go outside to seek help. 

Install and set up apps for text messaging on your laptop and utilize your smartphone.

Phones can be a distraction to you as a student, as on your phone, you have different social media apps – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

However, sometimes, you just want to send a quick message across and then continue with your study. But then you pick up your phone and there you have a lot of notifications waiting on Facebook or Instagram and you spend more time checking these up. 

To avoid this distraction, it’s best to install and set up those necessary messaging and text apps on your laptop. However, you can still utilize your smartphone to access lecture or course materials, articles, and e-books. 

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Gather a List of Tech Resources for Your Gadgets.

There are times when you have a temporary or complete gadget break down, unsteady flashing of screen light, or the issue of viruses. This issue might hinder you from participating fully in some class activities

One of the solutions to this problem is researching the top websites that can offer the assistance you need on anything concerning your device. Complete this list and keep them as it will save you the stress and time whenever you face challenges as such.

Save and submit assignments as PDFs.

Students can markup pdf documents, add necessary comments using several tools. PDFs are extensive, which means no matter the type of application that generated the file, which font types are used, no matter how big the images are, and what operating system the recipient is running, the PDF owner can view the PDF file anyhow. 

Just launch the extension or access via the web page to transform your existing records into an interactive learning experience. You can even avoid those unusual formatting issues that pop up unexpectedly in shared Word docs by saving your work as a PDF.

Take free online classes. 

Increase your knowledge by applying for an online class. Although most lecturers don’t give detailed explanations, some of them cover your subjects in detail.

Find a good learning website that will work for you and take the advantage of boosting your knowledge.  


Every college student needs time and money even when we know it’s not always enough. However, applying these top tech tips will help every college student both in time management (to cut your workload), saving more money, and supplementing their learning experience.

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