Special Sauce And Other Cannabis Strains

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: February 16, 2021.

Chemically/Medically processed Cannabis is one of the go-to remedies for many people who experience stress and pains throughout their day.

However, not all cannabis buds are created equal. Some have more psychoactive compounds in them, like marijuana, which worsens anxiety, and others can feel calmer after smoking hemp buds.

The different types of cannabis available can determine the effects that they will do on your body. If you have gotten a strain that has more percentage of a THC compound, it may result in more anxiety and paranoia for some people.

If you have gotten a CBD-rich cannabis flower, you may experience therapeutic effects and better sleep afterward. It’s not the cannabis plant itself that causes the high but the THC compound.

Editor’s Note: We do not encourage the use of Cannabis or related compounds without a prescription from a medical specialist. This article is solely intended for informative purposes we do not take any responsibility.

Strains to Know About

  1. Special Sauce

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to special sauce. You can know more about this bud on sites like Cheef Botanicals and see more of its components.

Many weed users make the switch to hemp buds of special sauce because it offers flavorful frenzies and a unique blend of terpenes that tantalizes one’s taste buds. The flowers are smaller than average and maybe orange or reddish in hues. 

Plants for special sauce are slightly sticky, but they are very appealing. You may want to try this bud at night since it can ease excessive anxiety and worry.

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The total levels of CBD are estimated to be about 30%, and the buds are potent. Users who have tried this described it as “a pleasure so far and a real anxiety dissolver.”

  1. Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is a Sativa-dominant strain that can uplift your mood and give you more positivity throughout the day. Its flavor profile can be described as earthy with subtle hints of stone fruit and stimulating effects.

Others have tasted the undertones of peaches and pears, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most requested strains out there. If you want fresher fruit on a summer night, you can choose this uplifting variety. 

The trichomes are often described as dense, and they are piled up high over green buds. The appearance of orange hairs is prevalent in thick buds. The content of cannabinoids is about 21%, and CBD is 19%.

You can learn more about cannabinoids on this site here. If you are searching for the warmth of summer, this can be the flower for you. It’s uplifting, never overwhelming, and smooth to the senses.

  1. Secret Dream

This potent strain allows you to have more focus, creativity, and clarity of mind. The stimulation of your imagination will allow for more creative endeavors, and they are perfect for those morning people or even night owls.

If you want to express yourself through art or make a new invention, then this may be the ideal companion for you. 

The bud structure and aroma are unique since the terpene profile has hints of gas, haze, sour, and mint. Its buds have a variety of colors, and it gives off complex scents. Overall, you may feel that you are walking in a dream without getting high. All you need to do is to enjoy.

  1. Green Magic
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This sweet flower is filled with berry and apple flavors that provide deep relaxation to its users. It’s an indica-dominant cross between White Choco and Green Manalishi that it’s a surprise that the hybrid exudes a rich chocolate aroma.

While the intensity can make your heart race, the long-lasting effect of the strain is an excellent choice for many consumers who can’t sleep well at night, and those who are experiencing chronic pain. 

This strain has a mild apple scent that can make you euphoric and creative. This is recommended for long-time weed and CBD bud users since it can have an intense high that can get to your senses.

New smokers who want to try this in higher amounts may find this too overwhelming because of a little amount of THC, but overall, this is a good hybrid for those who love the Sativa-dominant strains. Read and know more about THC and CBD here: Healthline

Safety Tips

Even if you are consuming a CBD flower, it’s still important to remember that you can get high because there are still traces of THC in the buds. You may want to start with lower doses of a strain with the least THC.

After consuming, it’s recommended to rest and don’t drive for at least 7 hours, especially if some of the effects are still lingering. 


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