How to Increase Video Views on YouTube

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 20, 2020.

Any author wants to have as many users as possible read their content, and YouTube is no exception in this case. We suggest you find answers to questions related to factors that affect the number of views of videos on YouTube.

So, you can influence the increase in video views by trying to optimize your videos. How do I do this? You can try to influence some factors that YouTube recommends your videos to other users (non-Subscribers) that It considers your target audience.

These factors are divided into two types: internal, which are related to the video itself and its correct “fit” for the service’s algorithms, and external, which can be further influenced by trying to increase YouTube’s attention to your video. Let’s look at what each type includes.

Internal Factors

The most crucial factors are the following:

  1. The General theme of the video. YouTube follows trends (and Google itself helps it) and knows what “hot topics” are currently being discussed in the world. If your video is on the same topic, then it is much more likely to be recommended when viewing other popular videos, not to mention the presence of both YouTube and Google global search in the search.
  2. Speed of the set of views. YouTube sees how quickly videos gain views, comments, and ratings. By comparing all the videos, YouTube sees which ones are gaining faster and considers this as “hot content” and gives them a higher priority over others.
  3. Average duration of watching and watching to the end. How to evaluate the quality of the video? Of course, by engaging in its views. YouTube clearly sees not only which videos are watched from start to finish, but also the average viewing time and compares it with the total duration of the video. The longer the average viewing time (ideally, 100% of the length of the video), the better your video is, which means it may deserve the attention of other viewers.
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Tags and video optimization. In this section, we have combined everything related to how you describe your video before uploading it to your YouTube channel. Try to clearly target its title, description, and tags to what we wrote about in paragraph 1.

External Factors

Through various experiments, it was found that these factors can influence the promotion of videos on YouTube.

External direct links to the video page. YouTube clearly sees users who have
clicked on the page from outside, i.e. they opened the video using a link in
a chat, messenger, or from an external site. 

The service uses this factor and probably believes that it emphasizes the virality of the video since it is shared in the public domain. The key point here, as in classic SEO promotion, is not just the presence of an external link, but the traffic going to the page with the video.


If users comment on a video, it means that it is “hooked” for some reason, which means that the video can also hook other users. We deliberately did not add comments to internal factors for the sole reason that the comments do not depend on your actions. Or depend on.

Social Activity

A partial continuation of the first point, with the difference that the page with the video is shared via social networks, where virality is confirmed by the distribution of content within the social network (likes, comments, share, retweets). All this YouTube has long learned to count and successfully use in algorithms that decide on the recommendation of videos to other users.

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Views via Embed

Yes, YouTube takes into account views of embedded and manually launched videos. Playlists are not included in the list of factors. By the way, you can actually pay for YouTube views. And you might do it via reliable services.

Of course, the more factors you use for yourself, the more likely it is that YouTube will consider your video as worthy of recommendations and … additional views in your pocket!

So, how do I increase my YouTube views?

First of all, you need to understand who is watching you and what content your target audience expects from you. Once you find out, you will be able to shoot content that meets the expectations of your viewers. You can get more views by creating videos that are interesting to your audience.

When your videos are viewed to the end and shared, the behavioural factor increases and the videos are ranked better. This is exactly what you need to get more views.

Remember the Detection Factor

Don’t be fooled by various types of fraudulent schemes, in which your videos are swirled views, allegedly in order to “help the channel to promote”. It won’t do any good. You need real people to watch your videos, not bots, and only then will the channel develop steadily.

By understanding who you are making content for, by making serialized content that meets the expectations of viewers, you will begin to notice that you are getting more views and your audience approves of what you are doing.

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Don’t forget about calls to action (comments, subscribe to a channel, “share a link to a channel”).

With these simple tips, you can really increase the views on your YouTube channel. Act systematically and everything will work out!


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