Best Secure Software Development Practices To Follow In 2022

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 23, 2022.

There are several best secure software development practices to follow in 2022. With the recent surge in successful hacks, data breaches, and cyberattacks, it is critical for today’s development teams to pursue proactive security strategies.

Protecting system integrity and confidential user information are paramount. As a developer yourself, you need a forward-thinking, methodical process to fully address any weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

This way, you can defend your reputation, ensure security compliance, and promote operational efficiency. Plus, you can identify any information security gaps and prevent catastrophic corporate emergencies.

To get started now, read on to learn more about the best software development
practices to follow in 2022. 

Track User Activity

One of the most prominent software development security practices is to track user activity. These activities prominently occur after your system has been released. Monitor your live software environment to ensure users are following security best practices when using your application.

This way, you can identify suspicious behaviors like user impersonation or access privilege abuse. To gain this information, you can video record sessions, log keystrokes, or capture screenshots. Other agencies recommend collecting logs and inspecting network packets.

Of course, many of these methods may require you to notify users and gain consent prior to monitoring. Surely, track user activity to promote software development security across your environment. 

Monitor Recent Vulnerabilities

In addition, you need to stay updated with prominent vulnerabilities in the software development world. New software vulnerabilities are uncovered every day.

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For example, the Log4j vulnerability was originally discovered in late November 2021. Since then, it has reportedly become massively exploited and extremely popular.

To keep your software environment safe, work with different development tools and technologies that are not affected by log4j – such as the JFrog Platform.

This way, you can lower security risk levels, optimize resource efficiency, and protect development asset integrity. Certainly, monitor, track, and understand recent vulnerabilities to protect your software development environment.

Follow Secure Software Standards

Through every step of development, it is important to follow widely-recognized software security standards. Keep security protocols and compliance benchmarks in-mind throughout your end-to-end development process.

These standards are heavily-focused on the quality of code you write, test, and deploy. They often require regular quality assurance (QA) inspections, including peer-to-peer code reviews.

Of course, there are plenty of additional best practices for developer code collaboration. Following these practices, you can ensure that written code is consistent, readable, and understandable. Indeed, implement secure software development standards across every stage of your programming pipeline.

Defend Your Source Code Repository

Software developers also need security-driven practices to defend source code repositories. Your repository functions as the centralized location where system code is stored, packaged and managed.

It needs to be protected in a secure space, backed with hardened access credentials. Otherwise, a breach or hack is inevitable. If this occurs, attackers can potentially modify your codebase without your knowledge.

 Sometimes, the changes made may not even be visible – taking teams months
 to find potential weaknesses. To keep your system secure, only work with
 repositories that you fully trust.

Additionally, constantly analyze exposure, change access credentials, and invoke access once no longer required. You should also include code defense techniques within your development risk model.

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Absolutely, defend your source code repository to follow the latest software development practices. 

Perform Security Awareness Training

Further, it also helps to conduct regular security training for users, developers, and stakeholders. Training sessions should include detailed tactics for dealing with vulnerabilities, mitigating system risks, and promoting application-wide security.

Engineers should know what weaknesses exist and what can be done to avoid them. Regular education workshops and seminars will help keep teams in a security-focused mindset.

Naturally, this helps you minimize downtime, assure compliance, and cultivate a security-driven business culture. At the same time, these sessions improve user confidence and empower programming teams.

They can also help save valuable time, money, and resources. Definitely, it also helps to perform regular software development security awareness training. 

There are several secure software development practices to follow in 2022. First and foremost, implement structured procedures for the monitoring user activity. In addition, monitor for recent vulnerabilities that are impacting other developers in the community.

This way, you can stay updated with the latest security events, address business weaknesses, and promote operational efficiency. You should also require system protection standards, security protocols, and compliance benchmarks throughout the programming process.

More, defend your source code repository against notable threats and risks. Further, implement security awareness training sessions, workshops, and seminars.

Follow the points highlighted above to learn more about the best software development practices to follow in 2022.



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