Best Ways to Find New Online Game Apps

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: October 26, 2020.

Mobile technology has improved so much that Fortnite billionaire Tim Sweeney believes mobile games are the future of gaming. Screens have become bigger. The processing power is impressive and the graphics quality is phenomenal. 

Both Google and Apple Store are jam-packed with great games. And there are a lot more games not on these platforms. But how do you pick a quality mobile game with many apps to choose from?

Determine what you want

What mobile game genres do you like? Puzzles, action, racing, sports, adventure, and casinos are some of the most popular types. In each category, you can find over 100 games. But you’ll need to narrow down your choices by determining precisely what you like in a mobile game.

Let’s say you like racing games. Do you prefer motorbikes to cars? Or would you want to simulate buses and lorries? Another factor to consider is the terrain and setting. Maybe you find games set in urban settings to be mundane and you love the thrills of racing in the deserts. Determine the kind you game you want and you’ll find it easily. 

Check Play Stores

Armed with thousands of games, Google and Apple stores are spectacular places to find new games. Developers like these platforms because they provide access to hundreds of millions of players. And as a result, there are always adding new games. 

Unfortunately, Play Stores don’t make it easy to know when a game was
created/developed. Usually, you have to click through every app to discover
when it was launch. The process is tedious and often not worth it.Therefore,
Play Stores can be a tad confusing sometimes.

Review Websites

Review websites help you find the exact game apps you’re after. That’s because they tend to be specific with their content. For example, casino review sites compare platforms that provide slots and card games. And if you want to get specific, you can get your information on review sites for specific casino games.

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As mentioned by, comparison websites do the heavy lifting for you. They install multiple apps, play their games, and spend days ranking the best platforms. All you need is to select one of the selected websites or apps.

Recommendations from Friends

If you have game friends, there’s a chance they know the latest game apps. They might not write an extensive list. But they could suggest a couple of new games they like. And what’s better than a suggestion from a friend? 

Unlike researching games alone, friends, give you a first-hand account of a game. They list the features for you and tell you the strengths and weaknesses of that app. If you’re close, you could even play the game on your friend’s phone. Then you can decide whether to install it or not. 

Follow Bloggers and Influencers on Social Media

We live in the age of famous bloggers and influencers. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Not only will you keep up with what they are up to; but you’ll also learn when new games are released. 

That’s because the things bloggers and influencers do is to deliver the news. They tell you when a famous publisher releases a game or makes a major announcement. News aside, some influencers also review these games to provide an overview of how they work and whether you should play them.

Subscribe to Newsletters on Gaming Sites

Like influencers, mobile gaming sites also deal with breaking the news and publishing content related to games. Subscribing to their newsletters ensures you learn about new games immediately after they are released. 

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Another benefit is that mobile gaming news sites publish content daily or weekly. So, you don’t just learn about a few new games every once in a while. You discover information about mobile many games and get to choose which ones to play.

The best mobile game sites also tend to have forums where you can discuss games with like-minded people. You can learn a lot by joining these platforms. For example, you can discover different opinions about a new game and even whether it’s worth your time or not.

Follow Developers and Publishers

What’s the best way to discover new games? Listen to developers and publishers. Rather, follow their social media accounts or subscribe to their websites. It’s every developer’s dream to have a social following. 

And they reward loyalty by delivering updates on social media before they invite mainstream media networks. The best part about it is that developers provide regular updates before they release, during, and after releasing a game.

If there’s an update, you’ll learn about it immediately it’s announced. Equally, you can also communicate with your favorite developers to share your opinions about a game. You can ask for assistance if there’s a crash or make a suggestion on how to improve it.

Try Games without Installing Apps

Nothing is more frustrating than installing a game only to realize you don’t like it. And it’s even more annoying when the second app you download also ends up disappointing you. As an alternative, learn to play to test games before you install them.

Google Play Store has a separate app that helps with testing: Google Play Games. Although it’s designed to track your achievements, you can also use it to test new games. Google allows you to play a portion of a game a couple of times to decide whether you like it.

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Google aside, you can also play most games online for free. The Internet is full of sites through which you can test new games. Then you can choose apps to install and which ones to ignore.

Your Turn

Choosing a new mobile game is never easy. Far too many of them have impressive previews and outward designs. But after you install them, they disappoint. As a solution, find recommendations on forums or review websites

Alternatively, find great new games by choosing them based on your interests. Of course, test them online before you install them on your mobile devices


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