Built-in Free VPN Browser VS. Free VPN Download – Simple Guide

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 02, 2021.

If you found this article, you probably are worried about your data privacy to access the public Wi-Fi networks.

The first thing that will come to your mind is opting for a free VPN download or a built-in free VPN browser. They both work differently and have their pros and cons. Built-in free VPN browser is also known as a proxy.

However, the primary aim of these tools is to hide your data from hackers or third-party companies so that you can browse the public Wi-Fi networks securely.

According to Comparitech, cybercrime may cost up to $10.5 trillion annually
by 2025. Cybercrimes are expected to grow more in the future. Hence, it
becomes crucial to prevent yourself from such attacks.

So, what should you choose: a free VPN or a built-in VPN browser?

This article will discuss the differences between a free VPN and a built-in VPN browser and the benefits of using them.

What Is A VPN And What Are Its Benefits?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows users to access public Wi-Fi networks securely.

VPN connections encrypt all your network traffic, not just the HTTP or SOCKS calls from your browser like a proxy. It means that hackers cannot intercept data between your computer and the VPN server, so your web activity and the data can’t be viewed by hackers or any other third-party company.

VPN works great when you’re using public Wi-Fi networks at the airport or the coffee shop. Using a free VPN lets you ensure your data and web activity can’t be compromised while using public Wi-Fi networks.

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That said, here are some of the benefits of using a VPN:

A VPN Encrypts Your Data And Web Activity

A VPN ensures the data you send and receive is encrypted. It means that your data and your web activity can’t be viewed by hackers, businesses, or any third-party company.

Suppose you’re making an online payment using a VPN. In that case, your bank details will be encrypted, and hackers won’t be able to view your bank account numbers and other sensitive information.

A VPN Promoted Online Privacy

Working with a VPN provider will offer you a no-log policy. It means that providers will ensure that your activity won’t be tracked while using a VPN.

A VPN Offers Higher Speed

Compared to a built-in free VPN browser, a VPN is faster and offers more security because of vast configuration options and faster infrastructure.

However, both VPN and proxy may slow down depending on how many devices are connected to a network.

A VPN Can Help You Avoid Censorship

Most countries don’t allow their citizens to access restricted websites or apps freely. However, a VPN circumvents this issue by giving you easy access to restricted content, regardless of your location.

What Is A Built-In VPN Browser And What Are Its Benefits?

A built-in free VPN browser or a proxy server sits between you and the server and acts as a gateway when you access the internet.

Suppose you are located in India and want to access a website accessible to the citizens of America. In that case, you need a proxy server located within America and then connect to that website, and your identity will be hidden.

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The website you visit will only see the IP address belonging to the proxy. However, it won’t see your address.

That said, here are some of the benefits of using a built-in VPN browser:

It Filter Outs Malicious Websites

The admin can block users from accessing websites that can harm the user’s data. If an admin recognizes a website as “malicious,” it may prevent proxy users from accessing it.

It Hides Your IP Address

The best thing about using a built-in free VPN browser is that it hides the user’s IP address. An IP address is a piece of sensitive information that can reveal your city, location, and even zip code. So, this is crucial to use nowadays.

It Puts Extra Layer Of Web Security

Built-in free VPN browsers can be configured to block access to sites known to contain malicious code in the form of viruses or phishing links.

Faster Page Loading Speeds

A built-in free VPN browser works by caching data from the websites you visit. If you revisit the website, the server will return the request faster than it would if it had to connect to the internet again.

Which Is Best: Free VPN Or Built-In Free VPN Browser?

Today, online privacy matters a lot, no matter if it’s your business data or your personal data. Both VPN and a proxy can help you protect your online data, and investing in these tools will be your right decision.

So, which is best for you?

Investing in these tools depends on your requirements. Suppose, if you want to protect your business data, investing in a free VPN will be worth it. On the other hand, if you want to view “what websites are my users hitting,” then you should go for a built-in free VPN browser.

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When choosing between a free VPN and a built-in free VPN browser, the differences between them will help you invest in a better tool.

Although investing in a free VPN is worth it, they put an extra layer of protection over your data and web activity.

However, neither a free VPN nor a browser VPN can protect 100% of your data. They can’t stop insiders from stealing personal data.


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