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Download HMA! Pro VPN latest version setup for free. HideMyAss Vpn provides a reliable an uninterrupted encryption by changing your IP Address to any server across the globe.

HMA! Pro VPN 3.4: Product Review:

Online Anonymity, Strong Encryption and Privacy security are the concerns under most of the circumstances for many web-surfers connected through a network. To ensure online security under many heads, a proper “Virtual Private Network or a VPN service” is a requirement, which seems quite harder to find when it comes to an immediate server/IP switching with dependability and in a fast-paced environment. “HideMyAss” although the name sounds a bit impolite but its operations are pretty much admirable with strong encryption and a reasonable customer support (But in some cases we’ve found its contrary, the support team causing continual trouble to some of the customers and they have left with dissatisfaction on the service). If you got embarrassed after hearing name of the software, then don’t quit without giving it a go and you would be probably amazed to see a huge collection of servers with stable connectivity and a worldwide coverage.

HideMyAss secures a big name in the VPN industry although did get hit in a recent past by some controversial logs related policies, nevertheless this feature-rich product is an award-winning platform to connect to 200+ countries across the globe with 700+ VPN servers and having more than 9000 IP Address on the board. What HMA is about to do for you is, to connect you to any imaginable server location of the choice and provides a flexible user interface to protect your personal information in a simplest and the easiest way. HMA has been broadly appreciated by world wide consumers on its “user experience based” traits which are usually defined in terms of allocating an individual a “Virtual Nationality”, which let them access blocked sources and many web portals by surfing as normal. Further, HMA also serves as an excellent choice for those who target to utilize multiple devices and in that concern one license is enough to be used on Android devices, iOS, Windows, Game consoles and TV’s with internet connectivity. Although the encryption connectivity could be experienced on multiple devices, but simultaneously only two connections are allowed by default.

On HMA’s consumer review page, we’ve found an interesting scenario, which contemplates a situation where after every update the already licensed users are facing some troubles while connecting to the IP’s they were at, before an upgrade. IP’s being found dropped from certain locations and servers are not happening to be at their intended destinations, like an example where an Italian server tends to be there in USA, but it may be pertaining a temporary bug or a messed up situation. Another drawback revealed, since we have tested the software (to be more relevant to the review), download speed after switching to USA Server dropped by 50% then that of our naked internet connection from the ISP, i mean really..??? HMA Developing Team is in a desperate and an immediate need to fix it as their prime priority.    Anyways, Proceeding with “Pros”, performance at 98% of the times seems practically impressive, as the speed guide tests are there to point you the best location nudging at a speedy server.

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HMA comes with an easily accessible dashboard and an extremely friendly interface, but that’s not it, many other features having reference to it are also discussed below.

HMA! Pro VPN 3.4: Product’s Salient Features:

  1. Single subscription valid against multiple devices.
  2. Extended support for TV’s and Game consoles.
  3. More locations are added with newly added countries, taking them up to 200 in number.
  4. Allocating an address, which no one can trace back to you.
  5. Load balancing would let you know, which server is burden off at the moment.
  6. Graphical suggestions to choose nearest locations for fastest internet speed possible.
  7. Comprehensive solutions for an environment where you have needed to keep identity stealers and spoofers, away.
  8. Server maps to identity the location from your physical address.
  9. IP checking via third-party websites to ensure your foolproof safety.
  10. Flexible pricing plans.
  11. Random server selection and IP Scheduling.
  12. Even More….

HMA! Pro VPN 3.4: Pertinent Product Details:

  1. Product’s Nomenclature: HideMyAss Pro VPN.
  2. Genre: VPN Service.
  3. Updated Here On: 21st of July, 2017.
  4. Version:
  5. Uploaded to: IP-Changer.
  6. Developer’s: HideMyAss.Com.
  7. License: 30 Days Trial (Commercialware, HMA Account Required).
  8. File Size: 7.2 MB.
  9. Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.
  10. System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10.

Our Suggestions/Verdict About HMA! Pro VPN 3.4:

HideMyAss is considered as one amongst those VPN Service provider’s who really know how to deal with a lurking identity stealer or privacy intruders. Having being specialized in “International Surveillance Standards” HMA is a UK based  product which is actually one of the top premium VPN services that have ever existed with its Pro traits. The service seems committed to provide a blazingly fast network speed (if correct server is chosen) with a comprehensive user oriented approach in an extremely secure and friendly environment. But never try to go above the authorities, if you ever want it, then probably you are on a wrong turn, leading to a software they may become a nightmare.


How to Download HMA! Pro VPN 3.4:

A download button would let you download the latest setup (installer package) for HMA Pro VPN (Trial Version).

                                                        Setup Installer HMA 3.4

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