Hotspot Shield Latest VPN Setup Free Download

Here you can download Hotspot Shield 2016 Latest VPN Setup for free. This is offline installer of Hotspot Shield 5.1.8 full version for Windows PC.

Hotspot Shield: Product Review:

Hotspot Shield 2016 Latest 5.1.8 by AnchorFree is one of the most used VPN service provider (compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as well) which assigns a virtual internet protocol and lets a user to access blocked or restricted websites like Facebook, YouTube and others. Amazing thing which is noticeable only in this newer version of Hotspot Shield is availability of more virtual protocols, as previously one can switch to USA IP address only, but now you can change native ip address to US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and many other countries. With over three hundred million downloads and still counting in bulk, this amazing virtual private network service is a preferred choice to encrypt browser operations and access to different services online, which are in accessible with naked IP address.

Anonymous surfing with latest Hotspot Shield Latest VPN is even more reliable which enables a user to escape IP spoofers or hackers and places you at a vpn spot which is untraceable for identity stealers online. Secure VPN service is clubbed with many other benefits as well including a comprehensive browsing security, protection from WiFi password grabbers and Malware protection whenever you are visiting any harmful website. There is a different between free and paid version of Hotspot Shield and that is inclusion of advertisements on interface. But still it will not harm any user experience as, once connected, it remains operational behind the scenes. Private and secure browsing by hiding your IP address is one the security measure which you need to consider whenever you connect through any suspicious cart online. Further operations are smoother and doesn’t require much of CPU cycles to perform at its best.

Hotspot Shield Latest VPN Setup

Hotspot Shield Latest VPN is quite easy in installation and lighter on system resources. All it requires a setup file, click it for install shield wizard to be completed. New user interface would come as a minimized one contrary to conventional dialogue box, which unlikeable to many folks. Choose IP country which you want to connect through and click  round “Connect” button, connection will be displayed with timings at UI. So in short your favorite new VPN provider is with something new and special, providing more versatility and felxibility for a user to opt among provided protocol changing options. You may download Hotspot Shield for PC, Mac, Windows devices, iPad, Tablets and Android devices.

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Hotspot Shield Latest VPN Setup Free Download

New edition of HotSpot Shield is equipped with advanced encryption module and much more, which need a quick look to figure out. List below would reveal, what else this amazing security tool comes with.

Hotspot Shield: Salient Features:

  1. Comprehensive solution as a virtual private network (VPN).
  2. Enables a user to send encrypted data via un-encrypted network.
  3. WiFi or Wireless protection features.
  4. Easy solution to unblock all blocked sites i-e video streaming and social media.
  5. Completely encrypted anonymous surfing.
  6. Prompts for insecure site visiting.
  7. Intrusion protector.
  8. As secured as your online banking official websites.
  9. Choose IP from multiple countries.
  10. Light weight and efficient.
  11. Hides your identity.
  12. Goes minimized after installation and operates through a smaller window.
  13. Even more.

Hotspot Shield Latest VPN Setup Free

Hotspot Shield: Important Product Details:

  1. Product Name: Hotspot Shield.
  2. Genre: IP Changers, VPN.
  3. Version Info: v 5.1.8.
  4. Updated Here On: 18, February 2016.
  5. Uploaded to Category: IP Changer.
  6. Developers: AnchorFree.
  7. License: Freeware.
  8. Setup Size: 13.8 MB Total.
  9. Setup Name: HSS-5.1.8_offline_setup.exe.
  10. Compatibility: 32 Bit, 64 Bit.
  11. System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista.

Hotspot Shield Latest VPN

Our Suggestion About Hotspot Shield:

If you are looking for a reliable and quick solution to access blocked sites, Hotspot shield if one of the better options,which do not only provides a virtual platform to hide an IP address but other functionalities like encrypted connection, WiFi signals anti-theft, secure browsing and some other enhanced features. Hence we recommend HSS to our viewers, because we have tried our best to review this proxy tool with honesty.

How to Download Hotspot Shield:

Button below would provide direct download processing, just in a single click. This this is latest offline installer of Hotspot shield version 5.1.08 which is compatible with both 32 Bit and 64 Bit systems.

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