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Wiki Ext: A File Extensions Encyclopedia is a web-based service that brings a steadfast search engine which suggests the appropriate programs capable of opening any file extension. It supports a diversified range of file formats including compressed, text, office, executable, video, vector, 3D imaging and more.

Editor’s Note: The platform is unquestionably helpful for many of us and for those who frequently deal with content comprising a diversified range of file extensions. Tech enthusiasts would undoubtedly be delighted to hear about this web-based service, as they come across such issues almost every other day. The service is delivering more than it should, by furnishing the additional support to fix the errors and program downloading directions.

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Wiki Ext: Platform’s Review

  • A Freeware Service.
  • Lists All Expedient Programs for an Ext.
  • A Self-Explanatory Service.
  • Practical Search Engine.
  • Supports Nearly All File Extensions.
  •  Only a Web-Based Service.
  •  Doesn’t Offer Direct Downloads.

Often we come across the hassle of being thwarted for opening several files, as every single file comprises a particular format. Thus, not every computer program will be capable enough of unfastening such content, there stands a dire need of a helping hand, to figure out the right software to run the show, at this point Wiki Ext will serve as an angel in disguise. It has the massive compilation of programs that may aid you to find out the appropriate engine and run the document. Simply, enter the file extension in the search bar, and it will lay fingers on the proper tool to unpack the file. This service is only capable of locating the right program, and techies are required to download the relevant application, either from the official site or elsewhere themselves. With a comprehensive database, this service accompanies an enterprise-level platform which is capable of precisely locating the suitable computer programs and presents them for download. There is barely a chance that this web-based program will let you down, it bolsters the techies to open various type of files comprising of the protracted tabulation, including multimedia, compressed database, developer, Ebook, game, system, Text, Spreadsheets, web files, on and on.

There are multiple occasions when we receive the documents from friends, family or colleagues; however, each tech user has several tools installed on the computing device. Thus, the files and documents formulated on the unique system are idiosyncratic and may have an entirely different file format, which your device may not be capable of supporting. Above all, if you have been in such scenario and looking for the suitable software, remember one thing; using Google alone can be a tiresome task! But, with this search engine, it’s a bet that you won’t encounter any inconvenience, as soon as you enter the file extension, it will take you to a whole new world brimming with the pertinent information and apps to open such files. Moreover, you will be guided further to cope with any issues and errors caused by the particular file type, along with this every single mistake has step by step instructions to weather the storm. A list containing titles of the software will be available for all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, web, and Android, so notwithstanding what operating system you are using, this service will suffice competently at any platform, through thick and thin.

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Wiki Ext: Service Features:

  • Helps to find the appropriate program

If you are held in a scenario where you are not aware which application will assist you to open the specific file, this program will help with such issues efficiently.

  • Compendious Database

The service continuously keeps upgrading its database to avoid any inconvenience and provide the user with best possible services.

  • Supports a vast range of files

The platform will almost find the appropriate tool for all the file types, as it accommodates an extensive range of records.

  • Facile

Searching is eminently easy, and the user will not face any complexities as it does not require much information merely explore utilizing the file extension and you are done.

  • Cross-platform assistance

Once you enter the file extension, the search bar will list down the software from almost all the operating systems including, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and web.

  • Assistance & guidance

Users will be guided regarding any errors that can occur with the file extension that has been entered; also, step by step instructions will also be at one’s disposal to fix the mistakes.

  • File type & information

The platform is eminently helpful and informative; it will provide all the information regarding the file extension you have entered in the search bar and will also apprise about the developer and category it belongs to.

  • Download instructions

Along with the error type and the instructions to fix it, users can also download the solution.

  • Costless

It is an entirely free service, providing all the above-stated information and help without charging you a single penny.

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It convenient and eminently easy to use this service, and almost all the tech users can quickly take advantage of this platform regardless of the fact, what kind of file extension they are dealing with.

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