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Loading... Developed By iMobie Inc. | (Version 6.3.6) | 15th of May, 2018 | (100% Clean – Tested).

AnyTrans 2018 version 6.3.6 (setup for Windows PC) attends as a thorough iDevice manager for iPhone, iPad, iPod, even iTunes and iCloud for data transfer without any sync and blockade. The application conveniently supports one-click shift and a variety of file formats.

Editor’s Note: AnyTrans is a complete package for you especially if you’re an Instagram geek and love watching the videos and would like to save your favorite clips, photos and other media to your gadgets and iDevices. This feature-rich application will accommodate you very well for the tasks within its domain. Moreover it disjunctions the impossibilities that obstruct the file transfer from iTunes to your Android devices or the computers. However, look before you leap and try the Trial version first.

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AnyTrans 6.3.6: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Nomenclature: AnyTrans.
 . Genre: Utility.
 . Updated On: 15th Of May, 2018.
 . Official: iMobie.Com.
 . Version: 6.3.6.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . OS:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Free Trial.
 . Setup Size: 1501 KB.

Social media is overcoming the world now, and every individual seems to be indulged in the socializing applications; however, Instagram is exceedingly trending among the commonality which shows a tremendous enthusiasm for photography. Also, not only photographers but everyone else seems to be affectionate about this application; one can upload images, videos and edit them by adding filters or cropping the images with fascinating basic photo editing tools. Despite the fact that pictures and video clips may seem so appealing, yet, the program does not allow its users to download them, there might have been moments when you relished them substantially and wanted to conserve them in your iPhone to watch them over and over, wistfully, there is no option onboard to fulfil such desires. Thus, you will have to procure and take assistance from supplementary applications to perform the stated actions. Well! There exist numerous software that are available in the virtual market that will efficiently attain the Instagram images and videos to your iOS gadget. “AnyTrans” is one of those enterprise programs in its category which effectively performs its essential services, over and above, it is conjointly proficient of transferring your files to the other devices, whether they are PCs or other portable appliances. Anyways, going back to the drawing board, the tool mentioned above can download the Instagram files to your device with ease, howbeit, the reason behind the restrictions imposed by the Insta’s app might be associated with the copyright, yet, Anytrans enables you to acquire them utilizing the internet connection.

  • A Fast & Facile Program.
  • Works for iDevices, iCloud & PC.
  • Keeps Your Personal Data Safe.
  • Shares iOS Data to Your PC.
  • Effortless File Deportation.
  • Supports Video Downloading.
  •  Couldn’t Add/Edit Data to iTunes
  •  Opening Screen Looks a Little Messy.
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AnyTrans masterly accomplishes the tasks you were admiring and ever dreamt of (concerning the transference of data from Instagram to iDevices). Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so, consider it the silver lining an attain the multimedia files from Instagram. It is the most competent agent among the opponents because of the uncluttered, facile interface it presents its users; however. There are no overflowing tools to deal with, and everyone can operate this application with ease, whether it is your first time with or not you will be able to use it dexterously. Withal, to get images from Instagram you do not stand in the dire need of any third-party app, simply “Copy Share URL” , paste in in your browser and you can save it to your device, however in order to download videos you won’t be able to do it without a third party tool. Download the program, install and start the app, copy the URL for the video you would like to download, paste it into the search bar, choose the destination to save it, the download will begin once you hit the button and you are done!  The software is eminently prompt and enables the user to monitor while the downloading process is proceeding, it is reliable and does not involve the user in the hassle, as soon as you enter the link the app gets going in a jiffy. Over and above It is a daunting app for the competitors for sure because it is reliable and effective. Acquire it and enjoy all your favorite multimedia files from Instagram anytime, without requiring an internet connection, once you have downloaded the files they will stay in your iPhone for as long as you would like.

AnyTrans 6.3.6: Product’s Salient features

Featuresthat accompany the newer version of AnyTrans abound. Check the most striking ones in the list provided below.

  • Download Instagram images and pictures:

Instagram does not allow the iOS users to download the videos; however, there are several ways to obtain the Instagram images but not your favorite videos. So with this application, you can get your favorite Insta-videos to your phone and may transfer them to PC later.

  • Multi-platform

It is a multiplatform tool which is available to be utilized by Mac and Windows operating system, withal, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well to share the files.

  • Free updates forever

Once you have procured the application, it will not demand you for any payments when the updates are available, as they are absolutely free and just a one time purchase will permit you to enjoy endless upgrades.

  • Easy to use

It is eminently accessible to use, similar to the several iMobie applications, the layout is simple, and the program itself is user-friendly. Anyone can operate it no matter pro or not, as it does not involve the user in the complexities, so it is entirely a hassle-free tool.

  • Share the documents

It supports the widespread file formats and types; you can easily share the multimedia documents from one device to another, it will approach your files and copy them to further transfer them without a hitch. You can also move your iPhone files to the PC and take advantage of them on your computing device.

  • Transfer data to the other Phone
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The application is quite handy for the scenario if you have purchased a new gadget and would like to move your data from let’s say an iOS to the Android device; hence, iTunes cannot perform this action; thus, Anytrans will save all your data and will permit you to transfer it to the new gadget.

  • Automatic Back-up

The iOS users have to back up their data to iTunes or iCloud, but this tool will save them a lot of time and will automatically backup the files and save them online to share around.

  • No data loss

While it executes the file sharing or backup you do not have to worry as there won’t be any case of data loss with this efficient tool, it will intelligibly acquire all your files and save them.

  • Supports Multiple File Formats

The application supports multiple file genre, and it is capable of managing almost all the types of file, multimedia or other documents.

  • Costless trial

The software is not a freeware; it is required to be purchased to take advantage of those enterprise-level features; however, the developers have offered a free trial edition to test the software, and if it succeeds to impress, you may buy it for further use.

Download AnyTrans 6.3.6:

Download AnyTrans 6.3.6 for Windows-based OS (suitable for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit system architectures), here. Do have a check with the system requirements and version compatibility before you proceed.

DownloadAnyTrans Latest 6.3.6
Download From Official

Program Details
Setup Name anytrans-ios-setup.exe.
Source From Official.
File Size: 1501 KB (1501000 bytes).
Compatibility Windows & iOS.

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