iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer 3.1.2

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Loading... Developed By iSumsoft Studio | (Version 3.1.2) | March 5, 2019 | (100% Clean – Tested).

Windows Password Refixer is a robust program that applies a straightforward process to reset the login/admin password for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Vista, without any data loss.

Editor’s Note: To put it briefly, “iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer” is unquestionably a useful application which becomes a great source of relief in the hour of need. If one gets locked out of the windows system, they can undoubtedly get back to it by adopting this smart application. Further, a self-explanatory restoration process coupled with a user-friendly interface is something that makes it more charming.

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Windows Password Refixer 3.1.2: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Title: Windows Password Refixer.
 . Genre: Utility.
 . Updated On: 5th of March, 2019.
 . Official: www.iSumsoft.Com.
 . Version: 3.1.2.
. Editor’s Ratings:
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Free Trial.
 . Setup Size: 111 MB.

Windows Password Refixer unerringly does the job as it accompanies a sturdy UI to refix user-passcode. The program is uniquely developed to help the windows users who are dealing with the apprehensions caused after forgetting the Windows password. The application is compatible with all flavours of Windows OS, regardless of whether it is Windows XP or Windows 10, it has got all covered. Moreover, it operates absolutely fine as a cross-platform application and even with the low spec machines where it briskly completes the assigned task and amazingly within a few clicks. Starting off with a USB or CD/DVD reset disk, the self-explanatory process further helps the users with the rest of the password reset procedure. It is unquestionably a nightmare to forget the Windows administrator account password, as in today’s world everything is stored virtually, whether it is a personal computer or the work system, getting locked out of it can give tech users some severe trouble. To aid the people in such situations, this tool efficiently resets the administrator key, over and above, it is capable enough to add the new administrator account without demanding a log-in.

What’s More?

  • Supports All Windows Flavours.
  • Lossless Recovery.
  • Comprehensive User-Guide
  • Briskly Completes the Tasks.
  • Reset Windows Local/Microsoft Account.
  • Instant Reset With 100% Results.
  •  Too Many Constraints on the Trial.
  •  Interface Looks a Little Outdated.

iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer is more of a superhero for the users, as discussed earlier how annoying forgetting the admin password can be, likewise, losing track of the server passcode becomes even more difficult to deal with. If the user forgets the key to the server, it may face a whole load of problems, and thankfully, with this program, onboard server password can also be refixed without any hassle. The recovery process is pretty unambiguous and instructs the user step by step, no matter if it is a pro or a novice. To stay in sync, Windows allowed its users to connect the Microsoft account with the system’s account lately, while this helped the Windows community at the same time people got into the predicaments, as missing a password to the system they will also get locked out of Microsoft’s account too. But, if you ever come across such a scenario, there is no point worrying with this app at hand, as it’s competent enough to reset the Microsoft account’s password as well; however, only Windows 8 and 10 users may benefit from this feature. The platform offers three types of editions, personal, professional and the ultimate, the last one contains the most number of features, obviously as it is a bit on the high end.






Program’s Core Features

  • Reset Windows password

Assuredly resets the Windows password, saving users from reinstalling the OS.

  • Reset Microsoft account passcode

If by any chance one happens to forget Microsoft’s password this program will help.

  • Employs CD/DVD or USB Drive:

The users can burn ISO file on the USB as well as DVD and create the reset disks

  • Unlocks system by creating a new admin account

If Windows user by any chance forgot the password to its administrator account, this program would help to create a new admin account without requiring to login into the system.

  • Helps to reset guest account login

The tool can also reset the password for accounts like the guest accounts or the other user accounts.

  • Server password reset

It is not a tireless job to deal with the servers; however, if the user has forgotten the password to any of them, it becomes even severe. iSumsoft will deal with it and reset it. Sadly, only the ultimate users can enjoy this facility.

  • Windows compatibility

The app actively works with Windows and is compatible with almost all the editions.

Download Windows Password Refixer 3.1.2

DownloadWindows Password Refixer 3.1.2
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name isumsoft-windows-password-refixer-personal.exe
Source Direct Download.
File Size: 111 MB (116,662,272 bytes).
Compatibility Windows (32-Bit, 64-Bit).

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