5 Exciting Things you Need to Know About Windows 10

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: April 3, 2022.

Ever since Windows 10 launched in 2015, it has been popular among users like wildfire.

Its breathtaking and compelling features made it the most used operating system globally. Microsoft offers numerous valuable advantages in this operating system. 

This guide will discuss the top 5 exciting features of Windows 10 that make you go wow. Moreover, if you plan to buy a pc or any components, utilize the speedpak tracking service to grab your products fast. Sit upon your seats as we will reveal some thrilling features of Window 10. Let us hop in. 

System updates for a long Duration.

As you already know, the system updates regularly to check the durability of the operating system. Like, For windows 7 and Windows 8, when the mainstream support is completed, it indicates no more latest functions will be added to these operating systems. 

The good news is that Windows 10 doesn’t come up with any such issues.
The mainstream supports up to October 2020. 

It is expected that this extension will not discontinue till 2025. It means you can get many benefits like the latest security updates and improvements for many years. 

Flawless Virus Protection

The new arrival of Windows 10 ensures that the quality of antivirus software is enhanced. So you don’t need to worry about malicious parties anymore. The amended and top-notch application is ready to give a hard time to malicious software.

The new efficiency Window Hello will assist you in unlocking the computer with fingerprints, face scanners, and iris software. 

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Furthermore, Windows 10 will help encrypt the files automatically when it detects any suspicious, malicious software. These all procedures are done with the BitLocker encryption program. 

Plus, the Window defender Antivirus is activated with the license of Windows 10.

This progressive software safeguards your devices against digital threats effectively. It’s an outstanding improvement as compared to previous Microsoft versions. 

Benefits of DirectX 12

Here is the good news for gamers, Windows 10 launched DirectX12. This legendary feature serves and performs all the calculations during the game. The thrilling processor video card will get a lot of support with Windows 10.

DirectX12 will ensure the computer game receives top-notch quality displays with less power consumption. This captivating feature makes Windows 10 stand out from previous versions. 

Touch Screen for Hybrid Devices

Are you a user of hybrid devices like Microsoft Surface tablets? If yes, then Windows 10 would be your best friend. The explosive touch-view is enabled when the user taps on the touch screen.

This exciting touch screen feature will encourage you to switch between
devices that contain laptop and tablet mode. 

Surprisingly, you can see the start menu, start button, and taskbar tab available in tablet mode. These fully customized functions are easy to operate. 

Control over Windows 10

The entire control system of Windows 10 has been modified. It is now easier to switch applications on and off in Windows 10 than in earlier operating systems. This new feature can assist you in deciding which program you want to open when the computer is powered on.

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Moreover, it also helps you choose which program should be turned off that you don’t use normally. 

System executives of large organizations are getting perks from this exciting feature. It is now more effortless to ask for help from a distance. Moreover, certain applications can smoothly be added or removed from the working environment. 

Let’s Wrap up:

Windows 10, the stunning operating system, is beneficial in protecting your pc or laptop from virus graphics. Moreover, this software’s speed is greatly enhanced compared to earlier windows. However, some minor disadvantages are connected with this latest operating system.

But these minor cons can’t define the overall system. Windows 10 will be the best option if you have compatible hardware and software


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