How to Arrange a Stress-Free Home Move

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 02, 2021.

It’s a cliché that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in life – but it’s true all the same. That’s because, not only is there a great deal to organize and coordinate, we are leaving somewhere that is familiar and heading off into the new and unknown.

This combination leads to both stress and anxiety that even recognized herbal treatments can’t totally resolve. But there are certain steps that you can take that will help you to get through the experience with nerves relatively unscathed.

A great deal of this will involve careful planning and preparation, and
that means getting ready well in advance. 

So one of the first things to do, once you have a moving date, is to book some professional removers. This might seem like an extravagance paying for something that you could do yourself.

But by using a firm that helps move people day in and day out you can be confident that everything will be packed up safely and ready to go on schedule.

After all, worrying that the new occupants of your house might turn up before you’re ready is another sure route to a stressful experience.

Organizing Utilities and Managing the Expenses

Another of the big worries about moving is not just the expense of the process itself, but also that your new home is going to stretch your finances once you’re there.

So knowing that you’ve already got a great deal on your mortgage is sure to ease some of your anxieties. One of the best ways of doing this is by getting some mortgage advice from a reputable broker like Trussle.

They’ll know which lenders could be best for your specific needs and take care of most of the hassle of applying, leaving you to focus on the move itself.

Making a List

Next, it’s a question of being organized. It’s good to have a clear idea of exactly where you are going to put specific pieces of furniture in your new home, as well as make sure that all of the boxes end up in the right rooms.

For the former, some people like to make scale floorplans on graph paper of their new home to see just which pieces of furniture will fit.

Having this foreknowledge can be reassuring  – and avoid nasty surprises on the day of the move when you find that closet won’t fit in the bedroom. Getting boxes into the right rooms is a little simpler. You just need to pack them logically and label them clearly.

Last, but maybe most importantly, recognize that stress is part of the process. It can have some upsides, after all, not least helping to achieve more than you first imagined possible. It also helps if you look forward to what the end result will be – you in a new home, looking forward to the future.

So make sure you follow these steps and remember to ask for help from friends and family too if you need it. Then, before you know it, you’ll be happily installed and looking forward to your housewarming party.


Jav Zeb is a young and spirited British author with expertise in tutorial writing and product reviewing. She has completed AAT from the London School of Business and Finance, Birmingham. Interests: Drawing, Painting, Blog Writing, Interior Decor, and Reading. Living in: Erdington, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. You may reach her at [email protected].



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