Top 5 Free Plagiarism Detection Tools for Students

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 3, 2019.

Plagiarism can be construed as using or publishing someone else’s work without any prior authorisation or approval. Due to study pressure, students tend to copy other people’s content and this may be intentional or unintentional. Before submitting a paper, a student might either be lazy or do not have enough time to thoroughly check an assignment before handing it in.

Plagiarism can also be involuntary. Just about everything we do has been inspired by someone along the way. An author can, consequently, have a tendency and habit that has been influenced by an author they value. That could end in accidental plagiarism through the harmony of technique.

A student may simply admire or like an author and imitate them. There are amazingly uncomplicated online tools to avoid plagiarism, such as a free plagiarism checker which is quick and can assess whether work is original. Here are some of our favourite free plagiarism check tools.

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is available for free and offers a wide range of programs, including the Paraphrasing Tool, Grammar Check and Reverse Image Search. This is a good package that is easy to use and ensure that your writing is of optimal quality.

This certainly is one of the most powerful free plagiarism check tools
on the Internet. While it doesn’t have a decorated interface, it surely
gets the job done well.The web-based app completes the job within a matter
of seconds.

For students as well as professionals, this is a potent tool and by simply creating an account, you can gain access to an editing service that is free of charge.

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Dupli Checker offers diverse applications where you can also analyze text from the web or from a link. It also has additional services for businesses that operate online for SEO tools. Dupli Checker is 100% free and offers a wide range of tools to improve your writing and the quality of your work.


Edubirdie is one of the best plagiarism detection tools available today. It is an interactive tool that also works for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is highly efficient and offers a free tool with limited offerings. You can also sign up for a premium package that allows you to download files instead of copying and paste the text onto the page.

From as little as four cents a page, you can ensure that your work is free of plagiarized work. This tool uses mining technology to analyze documents and match it against documents in the public domain and in private repositories.

As an online tool, the software works well with different devices and is relatively simple to use and saves time while improving writing skills for the user. It is also ideal for teachers who may be dealing with a large volume of assignments.


Grammarly is a useful application that can be used on any device and is probably the internet’s best free plagiarism checker. The main service offered by Grammarly is checking grammar and spelling. It is a tool that immensely improves writing skills.

Once you install the plugin or the app, you can pretty much edit anything from a simple text to a complex paper. The free service is convenient and there is an option to upgrade your package.

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This is probably one of the most accurate automated online tools. You can adjust the language as well and add your own words to the dictionary, such as names and dialect. It also works perfectly as a plagiarism checker for teachers to assess their students’ work.


CopyLeaks is ideal for scanning different file formats and also accommodates different languages. The free version of the service edits up to 10 pages for free per month and only allows 250 words per page.

This kind of service may be ideal for short assignments. However, there is a premium option to consider. It was also recently reported that the service will only be available as a paid service.

CopyLeaks is a free plagiarism checker that uses advanced algorithms to analyze a text for duplication and copied text. It also has a service tailored to students and teacher, meaning that it works very well for academic writing. This is one of the best free plagiarism checkers out there and ensures that offers a quality service.


PlagTracker is primarily free and ensures that work is free of plagiarism, and offers detailed reports on the state of the text. The checker might not be ideal for everyone because it takes about 30 minutes to get results.

Plagtracker also works alongside additional tools. It is ideal if you have some time to spare and need a more detailed report. The tools can be enhanced but it is not the ideal free plagiarism checker for teachers because it offers limited resources. There is also a premium version that accommodates a larger volume of words.

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Editor’s Note: Before using any tool, it is important to avoid plagiarism altogether by avoiding laziness and last-minute rushed work. As a student, you need to use these tools to improve your writing skills and learn how to reference work correctly.

Plagiarism in web content and academic text is never advisable under any circumstance and should be completely avoided. Teachers need to advise on ethical ways to quote and reference work.

Plagiarism is hurtful to the student’s and if it escapes the teacher, it may end up affecting the author in one way or another, so keep avoiding it by considering the most reliable programs listed above.


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