How do 0808 Numbers Change the Communication in Business

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: June 23, 2020.

A free phone number is a great way for businesses to portray a professional image to potential customers as it makes companies appear bigger and more established. This brings us to what 0808 is as well as why it is a preferred and popular choice on cNumber.

Many businesses, including small startups, can benefit from an 0808 line as they can use this to appear larger and even appeal to customers across the country as the 0808 number is non-geographical as highlighted on the cNumber official website. This means it isn’t tied down to any specific region and can be used by businesses nationwide.

Breaks Down Barriers for Potential Customers

Not only does a free phone number make a business look more professional. But it also breaks down barriers to potential and existing customers calling the business.

During these difficult COVID-19 times, many people have had to furlough staff or make redundancies which provides a very worrying time across the world.

By using a free phone number, users are breaking down any cost barriers to
calling their business. As well as opening up lines of communication to any
customer who might need their services. This open communication means that
one will have more chances to engage with customers.

And the business’ agents will be more likely to bring in more business. As they are able to communicate freely with potential customers. Removing the cost barrier also shows that one is invested in and really cares about their customers.

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Thus ensuring that they can get in touch no matter what their financial situation is.

Opens Up To More Business Opportunities

An 0808 number does not tie one to a physical geographic location, so every business can work wherever the customers are. One can take advantage of their hosted phone system’s features to hire agents working from their homes in these locations. This means there will always be someone local to those customers to support them whenever they need to.

Plus one can use an 0800 number to attract a different customer to the business. Thereby opening up one’s target market nationwide or even worldwide! So, even while working from home – a simple change in a phone number can potentially open up the business to a whole new market.

Moves Business Online

A free phone number can also help if one is selling products or services and is facing difficulties. If a business has to take its products online, it is useful to have a free phone number. This ensures one is not alienating customers who may not be in their locality.

With a free phone number, it takes away this geographical element so a user will be able to deal with customers anywhere in the country. In this way, a free phone number gives one the ability to continue with business as close to normal as possible with an online shop. While the staff can work seamlessly from home by connecting to the phone system remotely.


Find out more about what 0808 is. Not to mention, how a hosted phone system can help organizations. As well as even help home-based businesses, by following this link to visit the cNumber official website.

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