YouTube to MP3 Converters: Download YouTube Videos for Free

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 02, 2020.

If you’re here and reading this article then you’re definitely looking for a way to download YouTube videos. Is there really a way to download videos from YouTube? Yes, there is and we will show you how to stick around to find out the fastest and easiest way to download with an mp3 converter videos from YouTube.

Why YouTube?

There are so many other streaming videos out there but most of us use the popular and mighty YouTube. Why is that? It’s simple. YouTube is the largest video streaming platform available online. No other streaming service can reach the caliber that YouTube operates in.

You can find music videos to movies to tv episodes, podcasts, and more. YouTube has over millions of videos and billions of hours of entertainment. No wonder you’ll find your child moving from one video to the other. 

But what if you don’t have access to the internet at one point or you’re traveling and would like to have those videos on your phone. Like we mentioned earlier, yes there is a solution to this. 

Behold, YouTube to MP3 converters

What is YouTube to MP3 converter?

Previously, the majority of the people would download YouTube videos via a YouTube downloader, a software that would download YouTube videos in many different formats.

These software boast some powerful and had very nifty features, however,
with time most of the people forgot about such software as they require
a PC with good specs. 

In comes YouTube to MP3 converters. These converters have been around for a decade but what are they? YouTube to MP3 converters are online converters that allow users to download their favorite video from YouTube to MP3 format in a click of a button. 

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How are they different? 

YouTube to MP3 converters are unique as users are not required to install or have a high-end system. These converters simply require an active internet connection and a browser. This means that any device with a browser can actually be used to download YouTube videos.

This is better than YouTube downloaders since they can only be downloaded on a PC. With many different devices in the market, it is essential that there is a single solution that caters to all, and YouTube to MP3 converters ticks that box.

Now that we’ve introduced YouTube to MP3 converters, let us guide you on the best converter that has worked for us. We’ve been using it for months now and can’t wait for you to start using it too. 

THECONVERTER: Simple and Intuitive

There are thousands of converters out there and we are sure some of them work and perform well. However, of the converters we have tried, THECONVERTER stands out in all the ways possible. 

THECONVERTER is an online YouTube to MP3 converter that converts any YouTube video into MP3 format. So, how is it different from other converters?

Pros of using THECONVERTER

  1. Fast cloud-based technology that converts videos virtually without the need for a fast internet or installation of software.
  2. An intuitive website that is easy to navigate through for all ages. Even your kid can convert their favorite cartoons and download them to their device. 
  3. It’s absolutely free without any hidden charges or premium subscriptions like other available options. There is also no restriction on daily downloads.
  4. No ads! Oh, how we hate pop-up ads but guess what, THECONVERTER website is clean and clear of unnecessary clutter.
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Cons of using THECONVERTER

  1. Unlike YouTube downloaders or other online converters, THECONVERTER only has one output option and that is MP3. Others usually have MP4, 3GP, AVI and many other formats that could be useful. 
  2. We would definitely like an option for a queue. It’s available in premium YouTube to MP3 converters where users put all the videos in one place and let the website download them one by one. 

You can definitely check out other converters and see which one works for you best, however, THECONVERTER ticks most boxes and has been working for us without any hiccups. Literally. Hence, our recommendation might save you time and energy in your search for the best YouTube to MP3 converter. 


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