Crashlands – Sci-fi Survival Role Playing Game for Kids & Adults

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 29, 2021.

CRASHLANDS is a game that would keep you occupied for hours. And since you may spend hours on it, we are here to uncover everything about it. From tricks to hidden features to everything about it is covered in this article. 

Just have a quick read about Crashlands and how you can download it on your devices — Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. What’s more, I have listed some of the best alternatives to Crashlands to check out. 

How’s the Gameplay Crashlands?   

Crashlands is a sci-fi survival role-playing game set on an extraterrestrial world with cartoonish violence, light coarse comedy, and some potentially frightening-looking monsters.

It's a lot of fun, with adorable animations and beautiful music.
Exploring, cutting and sewing, and attacking the same enemies over
and over to gather enough materials to build that sought weapon or
beanbag chair for your home base.

Humor is all over the place, yet the combat is always entertaining and never boring. Significantly less violent than many other similar games, and it focuses on crafting and resource management.

How to download the app on a PC (Windows)?

You would not find Crashlands official application on the Microsoft Store but you can install the emulator which is identical to the original app. Steps for downloading the emulator are listed below:

Step 1: Click on this link which redirects you to the download page of Crashlands Emulator (BlueStacks Emulator).

Simply choose your preferred Bluestacks version and install it.

Step 2: To proceed, sign in to your Google Play account after clicking “Download.”

Step 3: After signing in, wait for the installation to finish. Once installation is done, sign into the game and start playing it.

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How to download the app on iPhone/Mac?

To get the Crashlands app for iPhone, go to the “App Store” and search for it. After you’ve found the app, simply download it and sign in before you begin playing.

You must follow the identical instructions for your Mac as you did for Windows. You must first download the emulator from the URL provided above and then join up for it. As soon as you finish the sign-in process, the emulator will be ready to play.

How to play Crashlands like a Pro?

To navigate, tap anywhere on the screen. You may also keep your finger on the screen to make Flux go in the direction you want it to go. Tap Flux in the lower-left corner to switch equipment. Then, select an item to see what else you have that can fit in that spot.

Harvest it by hacking at anything you can find. Come back later if you don’t have a powerful enough tool. Any items you find in rocks, plants, or creatures will automatically be added to your inventory, and there is no limit to the number of goods you can have.

The loot is automatically picked up when you hack at a plant or mineral or kill a monster, except for a few items that you must manually pick up. With an endless inventory, you may make even more improvements to the method.

Create a bunch of floorboards and carry them about with you so you can quickly create a bridge wherever you go. You may be required to do so by some quests. They’re also simple to make, so stock up now.

Gathering the necessary materials and tapping on what you want to produce is simple. You should use water bombs to grow your plants instantly.

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Plant bacon weed and sunshrooms near your home base/crash site to ensure a constant supply. You can also plant seeds of various plants to reduce the amount of time you spend seeking them.

You should make a stone bed and bring it with you so that you can put it down momentarily whenever you need to transition from day to night or night to day.

5 Best Alternatives to Crashlands:

  • XCOM: Enemy Within

On a mobile device, hardcore strategic gaming is at its best. Seeing this title coming to mobile is a lifesaver for a series that is recognized as serious gaming even on PC. Maps, missions, opponents, and, of course, the new Mech Suits are among the new features.

Download Xcom from

  • The Room

A wide range of puzzle types ensures that the game never gets boring or repetitive. To solve the room’s mystery, you’ll need to look for clues, decipher symbols, and place the right items in the right places.

Download The Room from

  • Don’t Starve

Play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been transported to a bizarre wilderness world by a demon. If Wilson ever intends to escape and return home, he must learn to utilize his environment and its inhabitants.

Download Don’t Starve from 

  • On My Own

In this wilderness survival game, you must survive on the bare necessities while enjoying the peace of the vast outdoors. Biomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of opportunities and difficulties. 

Download On my Own from

  • Brawl Stars

Brawl stars is a crazy multiplayer game you can play with your friends. Basically, you have to choose from brawlers which are the characters that will fight for you. You will win special powers through team battles, Boxes, and tournaments.

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Download Brawl Stars from

  • Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue blends survival, role-playing, and sandbox components. It supports the Nintendo platform’s single-player mode, which was created and distributed by Konami. The story follows Skye and Keith, two young kids who become stranded on a barren island and must fight for survival. 

Download Lost in blue from


This was all about Crashlands and the functionalities it has to offer. It is overall a good game to kill your time with. We tried our best to cover every part of it just for you. Let us know your thoughts about Crashlands and its alternatives.


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