Android Apps on Windows 11? Here’s A Better Solution

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: July 05, 2021.

Microsoft has just announced Windows 11, and with it comes a plethora of new and exciting features that have taken the world by storm. One such feature is the addition of native application and game emulation by the Operating System itself. While it may seem quite extraordinary, Android Emulators have been doing so for a long time. 

We’re going to talk about what Microsoft’s Emulation is, what Android Emulators are, why they are better and which ones you should choose depending on your usage.

Microsoft’s Emulation:

With a little bit of help from Intel, Microsoft's Windows 11 can finally
run Android Applications natively on the OS. However, there are a few
things that are yet to be addressed.

Firstly, instead of downloading and accessing applications from the Google Play Store, you’ll be stuck using the Microsoft Store Integrated Amazon App Store. 

While the App Store has a few relatively popular applications, you’ll miss out on many games and won’t have the freedom to explore like the PlayStore. Plus, there still hasn’t been word about whether games will properly be supported and whether their touch screen-reliant interfaces will be fixed by adding a key remapping feature like other Emulators.

Moreover, side-loading (commonly used to download beta APKS and other applications) is rumored to not be supported.

Coupling all of this, it can be seen that Microsoft’s Emulation is still in its infancy, and there are a lot of roadblocks along the way that can hinder you from enjoying the true essence of Emulating Android applications on your PC.

What Are Android Emulators?

Android Emulators have been a stable of the Operating System for many years. They are reliable, frequently updated, and have tons of unique features that differentiate them from even a native Android phone. For example, they can run games at higher frame rates, run applications with better efficiency, and are generally more reliable.

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Android Emulators come from many different companies, with each of them having its nooks and crannies. In most cases, here are the basics of what a powerful Android Emulator should do:

  • Run Android Applications
  • Run Android Games
  • Be compatible with most Android Suites
  • The ability to customize the OS if needed
  • Ability to Side Load Applications
  • Ability to Download Applications from the Google Play Store

As evident, most Android Emulators are capable of doing so. However, what differentiates them is their support, stability, and whether they can run on the latest hardware while also being smooth enough to handle the rough edges of a low-end Operating System.

Many choices, in this case, come to mind. However, perhaps one that seems to be the most efficient for running Android Applications and Games on Windows 11 seems to be LDPlayer.

With its roots being firmly placed in the Emulating scene for many years and with the Emulator having a few achievements to its name, such as being the first to properly support and run modern titles such as PUBG Mobile, it can be safely assumed that the free Emulator is a great and better alternative to native Windows 11 Emulation.

Here are some of the ways LDPlayer differs from other Android Emulators and even the native emulation feature in Windows 11:

Key Remapping:

Most games and applications for Android are designed with a touch-screen in mind. Since it is unlikely that your PC or Monitor can register your finger’s touch, you won’t have a way to interact with the screen or resort to using your mouse as a pointing device.

Thankfully, with LDPlayer’s Advanced Key-Remapping feature, you can bind your keyboard’s keys to specific spots on the Android Screen and can easily use those keys to play games and applications.

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For example, LDPlayer has set a professional keyboard mapping for Wild Rift on PC. What’s more exciting is the fact that most games and applications are supported out of the box.

So, there won’t be any configuration needed whatsoever, and you’ll be getting a good mouse and keyboard experience with no hiccups whatsoever!

Multiple App Stores and Side Loading:

If you ever want to download a Beta of a game, pre-register for a title that isn’t in your country or want to try out a modded client, the chances are that you won’t be able to find these options in the Google Play Store, let alone Microsoft’s Amazon App Store.

Thankfully, LDPlayer lets you download and install applications from third-party sources with no issues whatsoever.

They, too, have the same support as any other application you download from the Play Store. Plus, the Emulator has access to its own homebrew LDStore with tons of useful applications and the ability to download games you won’t find anywhere else.

Broad Range Compatibility:

Windows 11 will only be running on TPM 2.0 enabled processors. This means that most devices that are a few years old will not download the OS in the first place, let alone use its Emulations features.

Thankfully, LDPlayer boasts a wide range of computer hardware in its compatibility list. If your PC can boot, chances are LDPlayer will run fine on it! This means that you won’t have to worry about low frame rates or compatibility issues.

The Emulator truly boasts plug-and-play functionality that makes Android Emulation that much more convenient!

Exclusive Features:

LDPlayer’s team is constantly in contact with actual game developers. Thus, the Emulator is constantly optimized with the latest and greatest, with new features being added after careful consideration for community feedback. This means that you will truly be experiencing an advantage in gaming as soon as you start using the Emulator.

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While Native Android Emulation on Windows 11 is a welcome feature for the growth of both platforms, it is apparent that Microsoft still has a long way to go.

With Android Emulators such as LDPlayer dominating the scene,  gaming, for the most part, will still mainly be done by third-party Emulators who are known for their excellent support and broad range compatibility.

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