Top 3 Editing Tools for Gaming Vloggers

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: July 01, 2021.

Setting up a vlog is only the first step in becoming a meaningful presence on a platform like Twitch or YouTube. For the average gamer, whether a first-person shooter pro or a battle royale hitman, finding and purchasing the right equipment is the first step to gaining a few followers.

From there, vloggers have to record their exploits and stream them live. Other times, they’ll work on projects that require extensive editings, such as news releases or extra content for subscribers.

This switches up the game for many vloggers, who are more used to dominating
in their respective game than syncing audio.

This is the point where some decide to switch lanes, opting to attempt to go pro and join an eSports team rather than continue on looking to build a follower count to then earn via ad placements or other sponsorships. 

Though gaming vloggers have also found engaged fanbases on sites like Twitch and YouTube, eSports athletes see massive payouts if they can outperform the world’s top gamers.

In fact, Dota 2, which has one of eSports’ largest prize pools, more than doubled its total prize purse from $10.9 million in 2014 to $25.5 million in 2018.

Though some don’t consider poker to be an eSport, those who succeed at online play compete for prize purses of up to $115 million for a single event. Clearly, it pays to go pro in online gaming—but not everyone has the skill.

Lucky for gaming vloggers, the sector is gaining momentum. Back in 2015, vloggers like Smosh raked in $6 million. By 2019, Rhett & Link (another popular gaming vlog) paid Smosh upwards of $10 million to combine forces.

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So forget FaZe Clan recruitment—gaming vloggers can step up their career using the three editing tools listed below.

VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

Though free, the VSDC video editing software is best for advanced vloggers. Additionally, it will only be compatible for those who work on Windows devices.

Though a bit prohibitive in terms of complexity and processing availability, the program has robust functions that accommodate a variety of video, photo, and audio formats.

The software itself comes with stylish icons and blending modes that make it perfect for linking to social media accounts. Additionally, there’s a specific library for content that’s already been edited, which makes combining multiple clips easy.

Other leading features include 4K and HD capabilities, a large range of visual and audio effects, and stabilizing tools. Those who decide to start with VSCD won’t pay with cash—just plenty of hours spent learning the software.

FilmoraGO (Android)

Filmora shows up on most vlogging tool lists—and for good reason. The video editing software group has a range of products available for download (most are free) for both Mac and Windows devices, which makes it great for newcomers in vlogging spheres of all types.

In addition to having a simple program that makes learning the ropes easy, Filmora has a mobile editor, FilmoraGO.

The app is ideal for advanced vloggers who may be venturing off the beaten path and need to be able to edit videos on the go and share them easily across a range of social apps. Similar to VSDC, it will only be suitable for Android users.

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Regardless of the vlog topic, in addition to a solid editing program, one of the final ingredients in making unique content is audio.

For most gaming vloggers, the trick to solid audio is a high-tech microphone and being comfortable chatting while they battle for a Silver Elite Master rank. However, certain vlogs will require high-production value for certain projects.

In this case, SoundCloud offers vloggers an unlimited range of unique sound bites. From short songs to multi-hour mixes, SoundCloud is where musicians come to share their work and collaborate.

By going to the “filter results” section and selecting “to use commercially”, vloggers can access all types of audio files that can’t be found on YouTube or Spotify.

From debut musicians to up-and-coming stars, there’s bound to be a distinctive clip that fits whatever theme a vlogger caters to.



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