How Online Fax Services Can Help Your Business Go Paperless

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: January 11, 2022.

The ability of businesses to perform much of their activities digitally is a huge benefit in this day and age. It’s possible to significantly minimize overhead expenses by eliminating the need for scanners, printers, and photocopiers.

Moreover, the use of email, social media, and web-based marketing campaigns instead of expensive courier services also reduces costs for the company.

A great example of advancement is the online fax service, also known as internet fax or e-fax services, which makes the process cost-efficient and highly accessible. 

The service allows customers to send and receive documents without faxing through an actual machine or calling using the traditional calling system.

Many businesses opt for the use of online fax services because of the
level of security it offers. 

There are several companies online that provide reliable and easy-to-use internet fax services, what is important is to choose not only the most cost-effective service but has the features that are reliable enough to meet your professional needs.

If you’re still thinking if an online fax service can help your business, here are some advantages that may convince you further:

It’s Easy To Use

The internet fax service is simple to use. You don’t have to buy and set up a fax machine. You can also send and receive faxes through this process:

  • Send via Email: When you subscribe to online fax services, you can choose, save and convert your document in a variety of file formats. If you want to send fax from Gmail, just access your email account on your device. With Google Workspace, you can use Google Fax Service for efficiency and convenience. Next, provide the recipient’s fax number and the online fax provider’s extension, just like you would when you send an email. Finally, click Send.
  • Receive via Email: Online fax services also allow you to receive faxed documents without requiring you to have a fax machine. Just give the sender your online fax number, and when the online fax company receives the document, it converts it to an image file and emails it to you. Once downloaded, you can print them out.
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It Organizes And Makes Your Documents Accessible

Sorting through mountains of hardcopy documents is time-consuming. After sorting your documents, you must either file them, dispose of, or shred them.

For instance, if you receive ten faxes each day, that would sum up to 300 pages in one month. On the other hand, using an online fax service eliminates the need to print these documents, the cloud storage that comes with the service allows you to keep all received and sent faxes in one location and retrieve them from anywhere, anytime.

Online fax allows you to electronically sort and file papers immediately from your email, eliminating the need to keep bulky physical files or scan in physical faxes for electronic storage. Your fax portal also keeps track of incoming and outgoing faxes. 

It’s Cost-Effective

For companies that transfer documents frequently, online fax services are a smart alternative to traditional faxing. Online faxing saves paper because you just print the document when needed. One of its advantages is that it eliminates typical faxing expenditures like ink and toner.

Sending out international faxes also became very easy, because it uses the internet to send and receive these documents, you can practically do it anywhere you are without any added costs.  

Additionally, some businesses use e-faxing to avoid paying for a dedicated fax line and paying international call charges.

It’s Scalable

Whether you work for a small, medium, or large enterprise online fax service is much more budget-friendly than traditional faxing. Their packages usually feature a high number or an unlimited number of faxes every cycle.

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Plus, the service is accessible to all employees wherever they are located, without additional equipment or resources.

You Can Use E-signature For Contracts

Signing contracts and agreements in a paperless office no longer require printing extensive documents for signatures. Instead, electronic signatures replace this time-consuming and costly method.

E-signatures are legally binding and allow you and your clients to examine and sign papers from anywhere, making them a popular choice for businesses that want to reduce physical contact.

It Provides Document Security

The security of any business document is a major concern. The chances of misplacing or losing printed documents have a high probability, however, securing document storage can be quite expensive. All the more reason why you should consider using an online faxing service is that it eliminates all these security issues.

Additionally, you can also set a password to the document, so the receiver can only view it after you give it to them.

Furthermore, online faxing services use high-level security to protect data transmissions, especially documents that involve sensitive data and confidential information.


With more businesses opting for paperless faxing through the use of online faxing services, the amount of carbon footprint could be reduced.

By going green, you’re not only helping the environment, but you’re also making your business run efficiently, thus boosting productivity as a result.



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