Pen Testing as a Service – How it Works

By: Naz Zeb Cr.Last Updated: June 14, 2023.

According to research, data breaches are common in different countries and often lead to massive losses. In 2015, it was reported that 350 organizations suffered data breaches, and 47% were malicious.

Hence, penetration testing is important for businesses if they plan to keep their customer data safe. It helps organizations discover loopholes, weaknesses, and potential vulnerabilities in their systems.

For businesses, it may be challenging to find and retain pen testers. It may also be costly. This is where pen testing as a service comes in.

Pen testing on demand

Pen testing as a service is an on-demand service that gives businesses flexibility.

The demand has risen as security risks pose a threat to consumer data. So, businesses can save money and use a certified tester on a subscription basis.

It reduces the cost of hiring an in-house security expert, which can be costly.

Also, the cybersecurity industry requires constant updates and training to meet global standards.

The main aim of pen testing is to see if the IT system is susceptible to cyberattacks. So the experts simulate real attacks to get the information. It allows businesses to test their digital ecosystem. Some tests include:

  • Mobile app pen testing ;
  • API pen testing ;
  • Internet of Things device testing ;
  • Network testing ;
  • Red team simulation ;
  • Cloud testing ;
  • Embedded system testing.

PTaaS – what it entails

Pen testing results are often delivered after completing the test. However, this canpose a risk to businesses because they cannot prioritize the problems to fix on time. PTaaS changes this and allows businesses to view the data while the tests are ongoing.

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It entails using dashboards to showcase the data from start to finish. Also, the process includes providing support for in-house teams or handling the vulnerabilities directly. PTaaS is ideal for different business sizes. It is designed to handle custom reporting, full testing, and all other security-related needs.

How to choose a PTaaS provider ?

There are a few things to consider before selecting a good provider. They include

Fast turnaround times

A suitable provider must be able to finish all assessments within the time frame.

This also means that the test should not interrupt daily business activities.

Certified reports

A good provider must be able to provide certified reports along with insights into how to fix the problem or prevent it from happening. This problem needs to trace potential problems and security gaps. It must also include guidance for remediation. Also, the report must be readily available to be shared with other members of the company.

Expert Testers

An excellent provider needs to have qualified team members who are industry leaders. They must be certified and have experience. Also, the testers must have up-to-date knowledge of industry standards. A background check is also essential
to ensure that there is no security breach.

Personalized engagement

Most businesses develop compliance and security protocols for operations. Hence, a provider must work with these existing protocols. The engagement must be tailored to each business to prevent disruptions to the operations.


Pen testing as a service can be beneficial to businesses because it saves money and speeds up the remediation process.

Businesses can also benefit from using the services of industry leaders from Yogosha.

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