How to Pick the Right Spread Betting Platform

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: March 10, 2021.

Spread betting is a derivative strategy in which you speculate on whether a price will rise or fall across financial markets, instead of investing in an underlying asset.

It requires diligence, focus, and commitment to get educated in procedures, however making the most of small price changes can be a very lucrative business if you’re well researched. 

Spread betting requires the use of technology to carry out trades most efficiently and profitably.

The best tech provides tools for analytics and a positive user experience and has revolutionized how, where and when trading can take place. By offering democratization of trading information, technology has made spread betting easy to understand.

Online resources, apps, platforms, and automation have each played a part in making trading accessible and viable for the masses. Due to its prolific rise in popularity in recent years, there is a wealth of resources available for those looking to enter the market. 

What’s More?

Tech innovations have had a positive impact on a range of devices in the sector. The evolution of the mobile phone screen is a perfect example of this.

Back when they were brought to market in 1982, as Nokia launched its first mobile for consumers, it weighed 5kg and used the first generation of wireless cellular technology (1G).

It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of
time, and these days, smartphones are often capable of much more than
we realize.

The upcoming iPhone 13 is rumored to include an in-display fingerprint sensor, an additional biometric authentication method to complement the existing Face ID.

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It will also use 5G network technology which promises incredibly fast connections for real-time communication, perfect for accessing trading platforms on the move, from your mobile. 

Stop-loss and limit orders are invaluable pieces of automated tech to protect short positions. They work by letting you set a price that when reached, actions either the purchase or sale of a particular share

Technology for tablets and smartphones has also been transformed in recent years, both have access to real-time news, prices, charts, and a fast internet connection to allow for quick and efficient trading.

Practically, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, with a depth of 5.5mm, and a weight of 400g, is a recent example of a brilliant ultra-light device, a perfect mid-point between PC and mobile.

Between Samsung, Apple, Dell, Asus, and Microsoft, recently released tablets offer LCD, AMOLED, NanoEdge, or ProMotion high-resolution screens and incredible processing power, which make trading remotely hassle-free. 


Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, is already being deployed across several industries, allowing insight into changing customer behavior and analysis of data to positively impact operations. This will affect trading as analytics will continue to mature, offering more insight. 

With technology heavyweights leading the way with new developments to platforms, devices, and apps, in the next couple of years, we can expect more big changes in tech for trading. This makes for an exciting time to get clued-up for future investments and opportunities in the sector. 


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