Best Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions for 2021

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: August 02, 2021.

Nowadays, internet security is the most vital thing. One always needs a more secure connection when surfing the fantastic world of the internet.

Since various malware is still lingering around, extra protection is definitely needed.

Though it seems to be complicated, enhancing security can be made possible with the easiness of VPN. For example, you can utilize VPNs that work best with macOS or any other operating system that you have.

Generally, for more personalized use, ensuring safeties can be achieved with much ease.

However, it’s an entirely different scenario for companies. Network Access Control is gravely needed, primarily when everyone works remotely during these times. What it does is to help companies to implement specific policies on controlling and allowing easy user access to their networks without boundaries.

Connections can be more stable and dependable, effectively eliminating
both internal and external obstacles. 

Every user does need access, even when it’s completely variative. The work of administrators is to control and supervise these connections from lower groups and limited access rights for guests or clients.

Basic Features of NAC

Though NAC features are varied from one brand to another, there’s a certain degree that should be followed. Any NAC services should have essential functions, such as dedicated policy management, ability to control all access, specialized management for guests, structured profiling engine to find, discover, and determine any endpoints, and easy integrations with other security software.

Primary Use of NAC

The primary uses of NAC usually cover specific areas, like device visibility, compliance for endpoints, zero-trust security, OT security, and network segmentation.

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Now that you understand NAC, it’s time to find the best services for you. Here are some choices you should look into:

Best NAC Solutions in 2021

1. Aruba ClearPass

The first vendor we want to talk about is Aruba. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise is offering a new notable feature that is the ClearPass. It applies additional policy and security controls to determine the network’s associated network, further ensuring granted access is connected through wired or wireless networks properly.

The Clearpass package consists of various main benefits, including the Device Insight, which utilizing AI technology for IoT devices, Policy Manager, OnGuard, and OnBoard. 

What’s interesting about the Clearpass is the abundant features that companies can adopt to put their position on top. Some examples are agentless control with policy manager, more secured access for guests, and the foundation of this platform that used Cyber Catalyst, which consists of thickly layered securities.

2. Forescout NAC

What Forescout NAC can give to enterprises is more secured networking through dependable teams of security and IT, which opens up visibility to all devices that can be seen from their IPs. 

Aside from delivering coverage for more comprehensive locations, this platform also ensures agentless security, agentless assessment for all platforms, and specialized Network Segmentation.

3. Portnox

Two main things are greatly ensured with Portnox, actionable network and devices’ visibility. Both can be done along with the addition of automatic enforcement acts.

This fully autonomous platform provides many things, including device intelligence, customized remediation, expanded network view, and action scripts that can be customized entirely.

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What’s good about Portnox is its simplicity. It doesn’t require any network prep or appliance installations. It also offers a web-based UI that is completed with intelligent onboarding, workflows, and automatic response actions.

On top of them, there’s also no need to replace appliances due to the increased number of devices. All things, including backups, can be done and customized directly from the app.

4. InfoExpress NAC

InfoExpress may provide specialized services for most family businesses to create and meet different kinds of NAC requirements. They want to fully support each user with stable and secured access to all devices without changing the network. 

Users can benefit from installing agents for another granular policy while also deploying the dynamic of NAC. It will automatically detect all devices within the network, with additional resources for guests. 

There’s also support access that specialized in employee and corporate devices. Users can also make their own policy framework directly from the app.

Enterprises can create customized rules by using detailed information input. It’s not limited to detect, but also giving notifications, alerts, and other personalized acts.


The decision to implement NAC is an absolute way to ensure an improved version of the company’s network security posture.

By allowing greater control on the devices that can access the network, and what access they’re granted access to while boxing and encasing all accesses from guests or third party users, breach risks can be dramatically reduced.

If the price can be considered harmful to an enterprise’s finances, consider having the essentials only, like IoT and BYOD control, or better protections to fight APTs. 

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