How to Reset/Bypass Windows 10 Password (PCUnlocker)

Unlock Windows administrator or other user passwords with PCUnlocker that serves as a last resort to reset or bypass the login by creating a bootable disk.

PCUnlocker: Product Review:

Bypassing passwords on machine, sounds unethical but in certain situations where, when you being an administrator forgot or lost Windows password or where a Computer or server has been hacked, the need for rescuing the system should be the priority. In such a devastating situation, there is no room for a mistake, so a reliable tool with 100% track record is the one, the time needs. Hence there required a program that would be serving as last recourse to you, while being an efficient one with safe operations, to keep the sensitive data and OS files intact. PCUnlocker is an automated “Lost Password Reset Program” that launches on creation of a bootable disk (USB, DVD) and commences its operations through the boot screen, leading towards a wizard to remove the old and to reset the new user or admin password.

Nudging the core features of the utility, what we have found is, an intuitive user interface with compatibility for its Windows Password Recovery” operations for Windows 7, 8 and 10, that also works perfectly well with Directory Services Restore Mode Accounts (DSRM). Further in a test the program is successful in enabling any local or active directory account that is being disabled somehow, locked out or is expired, also while carrying on its standard operations, program tends to automatically get the user rid of login time restrictions that have been set during allocating the concerned privileges. To make use of the suite for your ample recovery needs there is a simple, yet a technical process is required. Although the suite is blessed with technical support but nevertheless before invoking that, a standard procedure counts to be a preferred option to go with. Burn the program (Nero Burning Rom Could serve the requirement) on CD, DVD or USB and let the media device connected with PC and go through the BIOS Command by pressing f10 or f12 (depending on the make) and select the device connected as the first available choice for booting from. Next, let the system boot and the program would be displaying the Windows accounts in registry with readily available option to reset their passwords. Recovery rules are simple and are reflecting the securest techniques accompanied by the safety measures recommended by the industry.

PCUnlocker got evolved into variety of editions, leading from standard to advance and complex features. The three specified versions are Standards, Professional and Enterprise. Comparing the editions seems a bit mandatory here to let you choose a required form of the utility suiting the needs. In a glimpse, lets shortlist the features. The enterprise edition is intended to deliver and insure the performance while enabling the ultimate features including unlocking active directory accounts, PXE network booting facility, unlocking domain administration passcodes, support for Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 and 2016. Another recommendable feature that enterprise edition brings in is, the promotion of any standard or limited user account to the administrator level privileges. Standards and professional editions are also enough to get back the lost passcodes for loca admin or any user quite comprehensively, but with few exceptions, specially referred to the Enterprise edition only.

PCUnlocker is serving the industry with a considerable trust value, because of the an outstanding support and and incredible way to get in charge of Windows account without any loss to OS itself or the hardware. Some other conducive features of the program are also listed below.

PCUnlocker: Product’s Salient Features:

  1. Reset Windows forgotten or lost password safely and with convenience.
  2. Burn passcode reset CD/DVD/USB Disk.
  3. Boot UEFI Based from Flash Drive or CD.
  4. Support for Mac, Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 (All editions).
  5. Unlock “Active Directory Accounts” just within few minutes.
  6. Tutorials and a comprehensive support plan for users.
  7.  Technical support is free of cost.
  8. Promotion of guest accounts to admin level.
  9. Mount virtual hard disks (.vhd, .vhdx, .iso).
  10. Ability to Bypass the Microsoft Windows account password without modifying the old passcode.
  11. Consumes less system resources.
  12. 100% satisfaction claimed.
  13. DSRM password resetting is verily supported.

PCUnlocker: Pertinent Product Details:

  1. Product’s Nomenclature: PCUnlocker.
  2. Uploaded Here On: 20th of June, 2017.
  3. Updated Under: Utility.
  4. Program’s Niche: Windows Password Recovery Tool.
  5. File Type: Zip file (Containing Image .iso).
  6. Editions Offered: Standard, Pro & Enterprise.
  7. License: Free Trial.
  8. Developer’s: Top-Password.Com.
  9. Setup Size: 188 Mb’s.
  10. Boot Info: Directly bootable from DVD/USB on burning the media.

Our Suggestion & Verdict About PCUnlocker:

With 100% recovery rate and by adding something more to a conventional passcode unlocker, PCUnlocker is a program that is solely oriented to create a bootable media that enables a user to bypass an already lost password just within few minutes. The wizard would be furnishing an option to reset the new keys for you, certainly without letting any reformatting comes to an action. It works perfectly well on all Windows versions and Computers/Laptops of any age and make.

Where to Download PCUnlocker:

The answer is quite simple rather, just give a click to the download button provided below and let the bootable utility be functional.


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