Downloading YouTube Videos In 2017 (iTube Studio)

This topic will cover “How to Download YouTube Videos” in 2017 on Mac or Windows and to convert them for iOS and Android devices.

Downloading YouTube Videos In 2017:

While unpacking what this information is all about, i must tell you one thing, YouTube is oriented for the users to visit and stream videos and that generates a revenue for the publishers and the advertisers as well. Google want’s you to, not to download videos for the offline usage as long as the purpose is to commercially share the downloaded content. Letting YouTube, evolve into a hub where the downloaded videos are only one click away, would probably taking the money out of the maker’s of those videos, who strive hard to earn some bucks by pledging their valuable skills and time. But as long as the download is officially permitted or is intended for personal usage only, Google seems to us, pretty much ok with that. There might be plenty of reasons nudging your mind, to download the video streamed on YouTube, including a limited time content, subsequent unavailability of internet connection, and to keep the content safe which is to be played later on with another Gadget of your’s.

iTube Studio for Windows and Mac is one amongst those facilitators, oriented to provide offline content by downloading the video so streamed, whether on any social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Yahoo, VEVO, BBC, ESPN, AOL, Break and many other such portals including Metacafe and YouTube. One may enjoy videos, literally anywhere with this technology, while keeping the operations of the tool up for more than Ten Thousand video sites, with better operating system compatibility, 3x faster download speed, HD resolution and an efficient inbuilt recorder and converter to grab content for your iOS and Android device. Disclaimer: This Software is intended for “Personal Use Only” Don’t use it for commercial usage.

While going through a test drive to iTube Video Downloader some interesting features got unveiled, including the availability of opting in downloading the content directly by clicking the button provided for the purpose, or by using the permalink feature. Their batch downloader is also as efficient as its expected to be, further their exists a multimedia player that streams any video for you through a dedicated interface that let’s each and every time a floating button to grab the content so played. So on a shorter note, the most appealing part is the inclusion of variant options to get that content offline, whether by directly grabbing the link, copy pasting or by dragging and dropping the video Url to the dock, to initiate the connection peering. Multiple formats will be there to be opted from along with supporting the content specified for Mac or Windows. Making use of and transferring the content with iTube Mate is super easy, and all i required is an internet connection and a site for the streaming content to be downloaded from, choose the way to give it a go with, and rest would be intellectually handled by the iTube Studio Official.

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Posture of the expertise shown by the developer is to keep users safe from any bottlenecks that they may encounter while testing any conventional video grabber. Some of the features that might be seeming, pertinent in addition are listed below.

Downloading YouTube Videos In 2017: iTube Studio Salient Features:

  1. Provided plenty of ways to get the task done.
  2. You might be in best control to download the video ever desired.
  3. Stable connection.
  4. In-Built converter for Android and iOS.
  5. Stable batch downloading.
  6. Converting and exporting to your iTune library is possible.
  7. Variety of device compatible formats.
  8. Save the content as Audio or Video, on choice.
  9. Some videos may not be downloaded, but they will be recorded.
  10. Browser plugin for Chrome and FireFox for one click availability.
  11. Transfer easily, by connecting Android or iPhone (Just let the drivers be downloaded).
  12. Skype Video and Facetime video call recorder.
  13. Segmented download with no data loss on dis-connection.
  14. Many More….

iTube Studio, Important Product Details:

  1. Product’s Nomenclature: iTube Studio.
  2. Genre: Video Downloading Tool.
  3. Updated Here On: 14th of June 2017.
  4. Category, Filed Under: Multimedia.
  5. Setup Type: Offline Installer (.exe, .Dmg).
  6. Setup Size: 968 KB’s Only, 63 Mb’s for Mac.
  7. License: Free Trial.
  8. Window’s Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  9. Developer’s: iTube Studio.
  10. Developed For: Mac, Windows, Android & iOS.

Our Suggestion/Verdict About iTube Video Downloader:

If you plan on choosing and downloading multiple videos of choice in highest available quality, iTube may serve the purpose with extreme convenience. Videos are always available on the go in 4k, 1440p, 1080p etc. Further the browser extension has made this even easier as you surf on Firefox or Chrome through variant streaming websites. Converting between 150+ media formats is there, which has made iTube by Aimersoft a preferred choice not only for Windows and Mac users, but also for iOS and Android enthusiasts.

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Downloading The iTube Studio:

As easy as pie, just consider clicking the download button provided below, and required file would be served within few seconds.

                                                           For Windows (Only)


                                                               For Mac (Only)

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