The 7 Best PDF Editors of 2019 For Desktop & Mobile

Let’s have a look at a list of “The 7 Best PDF Editors of 2019” which could be worthwhile to opt for, especially when it comes to digitizing the significant documents in terms of creating, editing, deleting and modifying the PDF texts, links, and images.

The 7 Best PDF Editors of 2018: A competitive analysis:

Portable Document Format often abbreviated as PDF is a proverbial to the institutions, entrepreneurs, students and people from almost every walk of the life, who prefer resorting their cardinal documents by espousing them electronically. PDF is being nudged as the most commonly nominated document format which also seems a tempting one when it comes to running the record on a diversified range of devices.

Almost all mighty names and brands in the IT industry settle for PDFs to extensively and efficiently amplify their merchandise over the internet, while dispatching the invoices, presentations, product descriptions, contracts, TOS, SLAs, and books, etc. Well! Having a reliable PDF editing application accompanied by a dependable document safety feature could be a hectic task to go through, but the list here would be handy and able enough to justify the top-ranked apps oriented to host the PDFs, quite interactively. There could be numerous scenarios where one needs a well-grounded program to edit the document in a portable format, and that might include a situation where you are in need to sign a “Service Level Agreement” or an undertaking with a firm you have just got employed for or to update a published electronic book.

To cut a long story short, it appears that possessing a conducive app with a boosted “portable document productivity record” is a requisite criterion, for a program to be chosen for the said purpose. You might come across oodles of free PDF editing software but the freemium always lack in some noteworthy features, hence a list with conspicuous premium programs is rendered here.

Our most recent experience with the apps that may profoundly curate the PDFs is all about the application’s compatibility with the vast array of devices, conversion speed, adhering to the original layout, annotating the document and approach toward editing the pre-eminent documents in a time-honored manner. Besides, there are some rare online PDF-editing platforms like “JotForm” That offer the expertise in turning your collected data into professional-looking PDFs without having any technical skills involved and in an automated way. The said online-service is free forever for the basic document creation, though they offer different monthly subscriptions to enjoy the enterprise-level features. The top of the WebForPC’s line-up regarding the “The 7 Best PDF Editors of 2019” is below.

PDFelement 6 Pro (No. 01):

  • Edit PDFs Like Word.
  • Affordable Program.
  • Cushy Licensing Process.
  • Easy To Deploy.
  • An Alternative To Adobe Acrobat.
  • Constrained Free Version.

Grabbing a top spot indeed signifies a program that unleashes some incredible features, which this program is already equipped with. Wondershare, the developers of PDFelement did put-forth the program in competition to the prevailing industry giant “The Adobe Acrobat,” and they succeed in doing that because of the limberness that the program has offered, coupled with the output formats and extraordinary editing options. Playing with the recourse, PDFelement 6 Pro tends towards colossal business projects as the industry’s leaders are probably looking for an alternative to the Acrobat reader in order to outcast the pricing monopoly by the program. The free PDF editing application by Wondershare is a win-win offer which yields some astonishing essential features without spending even a penny, and if you feel convinced subsequently, an upgrade to the pro version is possible for a token of 99 bucks.

The desktop version of the PDFelement 6 Pro entirely supports Window 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 and brings an unmatched conversion speed with a fantastic record to convert 100 pages within a 60-second time span.

Keeping the original layout in its full form seems like a daunting task for many PDF editing apps, but that comes in smooth hands with the PDFelement Pro. The version is a spick and span of the development series which has shown its expertise in annotating the highlighted areas, text box, stamps, attachments, shapes, drawings, and markups, etc. in addition to the mentioned features, the app offers professional page management accompanied by the number of numerous output format support (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PNG, Text, HTML, JPG and others) . The cross-platform compatibility is another question while testing the utility of a specific program, and the Wondershare’s application stands-out amongst the others in this concern too. The program comes with excellent compatibility and support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices (Completely free for Android and iOS).

  • Pricing: Standard license for $59.95 & Professional for $ 99.95.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Android & iOS.

Adobe Acrobat (No. 02):

  • Edits PDFs Like A Professional.
  • Tabbed Interface Introduced.
  • Industry’s Standard.
  • Advance Mobile Features.
  • Create & Export PDFs to Word.
  • Exorbitant Pricing.
  • Supports Windows & Mac Only.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another example of the head honcho of PDF editing masters, but many users considered it as an overrated product which exhibits a sky-high price making it an “out of range” program for many students and small businessmen. Nonetheless, the Acrobat has continued the Adobe’s glory and kept its professional “portable document editing” magic intact and offered a cloud subscription service to neutralize the soaring prices. With an easy to use a tabbed interface, Acrobat Pro DC is navigated even more efficiently with tons of in hand options to quickly load and edit the document with all that images, links and illustrations and amazingly within seconds. Licencing always stood an issue for Adobe’s product enthusiasts, well the folks may enjoy the annual subscription of the product (PRO DC) just for $15 a month with a yearly bond or directly pay $24 token on a monthly basis. The standard subscription comes a little cheaper and with a free trial to test the product. The folks interested in a lifetime perpetual licensing the product may avail the offer for $299 to be spent on standard while the pro one is available for $499.

With this robust program creating PDF’s and exporting them to Word, Excel, and PowePoint is possible without having deft hands. Although some dexterity is required for fixing the documents for accessibility and ISO standards. The newest version of Acrobat Pro DC also facilitates the users by merging multiple documents into a single portable file and that all could be done via the browser.

  • Pricing: Standard license for $299 & Pro for $499.
  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac.

Preview (No. 03):

  • Mac’s Built-In Application .
  • Connotation Made Easy.
  • Great For Creating Signatures.
  • Easily Navigable.
  • Too Much Simplified.
  • Lacks Main PDF Creating Feature.
  • Only Mac Supported.

For Mac users, the Apple’s built-in application “Preview” comes free with MacOS which can be used to view and edit PDFs in a most fitting way and that all could be done simply by right-clicking any portable document to open with “Preview Default.” The app is, in fact, a smarter way to edit a variety of images from a multitude of extensions including the popular ones such as GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. The program need not be installed and is oriented by the developer to view the graphics, texts, illustrations and to annotate them quite conveniently and safely. The application is equipped with plenty of splendid functions like the shaping tool, instant Alpha, advance color adjustment tool, editing section (to put signatures, shapes, comments, etc.) and a file saving utility in different formats. Not to be biased, it’s not all about the pros, the Apple’s built-in application for Mac does lack in something, and that is versatility, flexibility in creating PDFs and some other advanced features.

  • Pricing: Standard MacOS App.
  • Compatibility: Mac Only.

PDF Expert (No. 04):

  • A Highly Fashioned Application.
  • Split-View Mode.
  • Touch-Bar Support.
  • Merge Files.
  • Lacks Some Main Features.

PDF expert is another name in Mac’s portable editing apps which is oriented to bring a highly improved reading experience coupled with state of the art PDF annotation options. The users highly appreciate the application because of its advance document redacting options and awarding the files password protection to keep them away from illegitimate usage or spying eyes. By far the best option that can be played with is to edit the images, writings, and links just like the way you do with texts. The application does work like magic in boosting up the user’s level to an expert one. There are multiple modes including Day, Night or Sepia, looking catchy to an eye and could be set up as per the user’s flavor. On loading, any document to the user interface the fonts, illustrations, the opacity of the text, etc. could be detected automatically to bracket out the content thereof. This quick, robust and an innovate PDF editing application is not free of cost, but definitely a productive one to set to operations.

  • Pricing: $59.99.
  • Compatibility: Mac.
Not Available For Windows

Download PDF Expert For Mac.

PDFescape (No. 05):

  • Online PDF Editor.
  • A Great Way To Fill Forms.
  • Merge Multiple Files.
  • Compress File Size.
  • Lacks Some Advance Features.
  • Ordinary OCR Results.

PDFescape primarily works online to fill forms and to edit the portable documents, but now it’s made available for desktop as a smart alternative for Adobe Acrobat to create forms, delete files, to share documents and password protection insertion, etc. The Windows-based version specializes in plenty of features that can be experienced with any reliable portable document editing program. For long the utility is being used online to benefit the students and the professionals, online and now the offline edition is available for download which could prove handy in editing images, texts, merging documents, PDF to word conversion, compressing the files, reducing the size, watermark and page numbering, etc.

The basic version of the product comes free of cost, but the premium and the ultimate subscriptions bring some additional contours like an Ad-free interface, high upload size, 256Bit encryption, creating advance forms and the permanent blackout of the content from the file.

  • Pricing: Premium $2.99/Per Month and Ultimate subscription is for $5.99/Per Month (Trial Available).
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista.
Download PDFescape For Windows.

Not Available For Mac.

Foxit Phantom PDF (No. 06):

  • Impressive UI.
  • Multiple Subscription Offers.
  • Merge Multiple Files.
  • Compress File Size.
  • Not Impressive With Complex Files.
  • Ordinary OCR Results.

Foxit Phantom PDF claims to be suitable for the groups of all sizes, ranging from small, medium and large enterprises and yes, it seems to be. The next generation is highly versatile in creating, converting, editing, commenting and collaborating the documents in portable formats. This feature-packed editor is skilled enough to organize, export, scan/OCR, fill forms and signing the papers and SLAs, securely and conveniently. The program offers three variants, the standards, business, and education. The business version expands the productivity by boosting the documents editing while undertaking the higher security measures, advance compression levels, and improved numbering, etc. The education edition is a multi-feature product intended for students and teachers to organize their documents and forms impressively within the shortest possible time.

None of the editions is being offered for free, and one has to spend more than 100 bucks for perpetual licensing or avail the monthly subscription at the token price of around $8.

  • Pricing: Standard license (One-Time) $129 or $7.99 Monthly, Business licensing from $159 or $8.99/Per Month or Education subscription from $9.95/Per Year.
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista.
Download Phantom PDF For Windows.

Not Available For Mac.

PDF Buddy (Online) (No. 07):

  • Works Anywhere.
  • Uses Secure Socket Layer.
  • 256-Bit Encryption (Password)..
  • Cushy In Usage.
  • Merge & Split PDFs Easily..
  • Works Online Only.

PDF is also a contender for the top 7 programs that can edit the portable documents quite impressively without any hassle. Works online hence requires no application to be installed on a user’s PC instead a browser is mandatory to experience the features. PDF buddy is another instance of a super-simple way to edit the forms and to fill them without breaking a sweat. Connection with the application goes securely under the SSL and 256-Bit AES encryption to make sure that the files submitted for scanning always remain secure and original. Starting off with the app is free of cost where there are some constraints like the storage and the number of PDF’s to be scanned.

The program is being offered for free, but the corporate plans require some bucks in the form of credits to enhance the storage and the number of PDFs.

  • Pricing: Standard license (One-Time) $129 or $7.99 Monthly, Business licensing from $159 or $8.99/Per Month or Education subscription from $9.95/Per Year.
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista / MacOS / ChromeBook.

Our Suggestion/Verdict About The The 7 Best PDF Editors of 2019:

Go green and save a tree. PDF editing applications are of gravity especially when it comes to ordinary tasks like merging the invoicing system, reducing the document size to be lighter on disks, easy annotation management and safely editing the originals. The list above is an instance of what, you should expect from a seasoned portable document editing application.

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