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By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: November 18, 2020.

A young company working on creating an original collection does not always have the opportunity to use the services of professional designers and constructors that are far from cheap.

Today, such processes are relatively easy to implement with the help of special software – computerized sewing machines and programs for building patterns and modeling clothes.

These programs allow you to quickly and accurately implement your fantasies in life, even if this life will be on the screen. In addition, in this case, there are clearly more rights to error, and you don’t have to worry about damaged materials. Because you can edit the template at any time without any material damage.

So, we offer you a list of the most popular programsfor building patterns,
where each utility is distinguished by its effectiveness.


This is one of the best programs for dressing out. The software specializes in the automation of sewing production and workshops.

The utility enjoys a simple and intuitive interface, where it is quite difficult to get lost, especially to an experienced seamstress. In addition, this is a program for creation dressing patterns with a fully localized help section. The latter is not small, so beginners will have to spend some time learning the basic functionality.

Grafis has shown itself perfectly in work with the basic set of products: skirts, hats, shirts, shoulder bases, denim products, industrial clothing, etc. The program for building cutouts allows you to automatically set the allowances, to carry out the grading on some dimensional features, and make the layout of the project on the details.

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Another widely popular program for clothing patterns. It offers several integrated solutions for garment production. The developer’s product list includes applications for both 2D and 3D design.

The program for clothing patterns can build patterns from scratch using any known method and in various size variations. There are sensible presets for allowances, auto-grading by size, sections; as well as the ability to create designs for an individual figure.

In short, among the products of this developer, there is always something that will optimally match your sewing direction. Even if you have very specific requests, managers will always meet you halfway and consider individual issues, which will then be handled by programmers.


The program for building patterns as well as in the previous case is absolutely free. It has an open-source code and was developed by a group of enthusiasts. The app is still supported and receives regular updates.

The program allows you to create full-fledged parametric patterns. Here it is enough to change the measurements and additions of any product from the database (you can add your own) – and the result is quite an individual project with its own dimensions.

Moreover, the process of building patterns is simplified as much as possible. The project itself is based on formulas, and with the help of a local table-calculator, we enter the necessary values and get the output pattern with the desired dimensions.


This is a free product developed by freelance enthusiasts. For the most part, it is aimed at the amateur segment, rather than at professional and conveyor applications. Nevertheless, the program boasts impressive functionality and attracts with its features along with the simplicity of the interface and ease of use.

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Here we have a lot of presets for creating patterns for individual women’s clothing: dresses, coats, trousers, skirts, and other styles. The application visualizes the project as a familiar sketch and allows you to set the color of the product. Patterns can be created for any type of shape, as well as for individual sizes: choose a style, set criteria for freedom of fit, and adjust other dimensions of the construction.

You can understand the program interface in a matter of hours. In particularly difficult cases, an intelligent help system will come to the rescue, where all possibilities and tools are detailed. In addition, you can find quite a lot of video tutorials on YouTube that help you master this application in the shortest possible time.


PatternViewer is a free program developed by the PatternMaker American company, which has built-in templates for women’s clothing models. The program allows you to use both basic dimensions and set individual parameters. The number of models in this version is limited, but you can purchase additional blocks with an expanded range of features on the site.

So, the Deluxe Editor block includes a more complete database of templates and allows you to model products based on them. Professional Studio has all the main functions of a professional design system: independent construction of patterns, marking of allowances, marking of parts.

Each of the blocks can be tested for 30 days for free, in the future, the price will depend on the level and volume of production. The free version and the program for $99 can be purchased by those who sew at the amateur level.



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