How to Spy An iPhone Step-by-step Guide 2020 

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: December 22, 2020.

The luxury of using an iPhone is sometimes combated by its inefficiency with even basic utilities. We consider iPhones as gadgets with ultimate software and hardware sophistication. We would simply shun the idea of spying on an iPhone just cause it might seem like an impossible prospect.

However, there has been a sudden influx of spy apps providing spy services towards an iPhone. However, despite the competition, there is an app that makes spying on the iPhone as simple as operating on an iPhone

So, your search for the perfect iPhone spy app should technically end here as you will be introduced to the most simplistic way to spy on an iPhone. This platform is so efficient that in under 5 minutes, you can spy on someone’s iPhone, in a remote manner.

This article is intended for educational purposes only, to keep notice of your children or beloved ones’ activity. We highly discourage illegitimate usage of any spy program and we are not the developers of any such program.

Safespy: The best iPhone Spy App

SafeSpy is the best iPhone spy app and is a leading web-based app. It provides its users with the impetus to get access to an iPhone almost immediately and that too absolutely remotely. The features of the app are so amazing that it has attained worldwide dominance.  

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of competition in the spy industry.
There are many claimants into being the best app to spy on an iPhone.
Despite all the false claims and specifics, SafeSpy is a sure shot winner
in the race.

As compared to other applications, it doesn’t compromise the security of your system through the malware of phishing tools. Amidst many other reasons that make SafeSpy perfect, below mentioned are some other core reasons: 

Stealth Mode 

The highlight of SafeSpy is its stealth mode. The stealth mode is well built into the very construction of this application. It allows users to operate in a very discreet and perfect manner. It leaves no evident trail. All conduct of spying functions are super private and discreet.

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No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Most spy apps wouldn’t even function without rooting or jailbreaking to the target device. Rooting and jailbreaking make spying a very risky proposition. When it comes to using SafeSpy for spying on the iPhone, you wouldn’t even need to touch the iPhone at all. 

The remote linkage to the iPhone can be set up in under 5 minutes. That’s it.  Further, the access can be as remote as possible. Even if the iPhone user is in an entirely different continent, you could still be able to spy on their iPhone. 

Multiple Spy Features

The multiplicity of features offered by SafeSpy is simply astounding. The application offers a holistic form of spying into an iPhone. It is almost like you have a cloned version of the iPhone in front of you. 

You can attain access to the messages, iMessages, call list, GPS location, social media profiles, photos, videos, list of apps, etc. Live tracking of the iPhone under question makes it further invigorating. 


Can you imagine seeing an iMessage draft that wasn’t sent or a message chain that was deleted? Things we intend to do but didn’t do show our true colors as people. This is where SafeSpy keylogger comes to the rescue. You can see acts that were intended but were not undertaken.

Step-by-Step Guide to Spy on an iPhone

Spying on a sophisticated and luxurious device like an iPhone might seem impossible but it is immensely simplified with SafeSpy. There is no requirement of any direct interface with the target iPhone. Wherever in the world, the iPhone is, it can be spied on almost instantaneously.

There are no detection risks and you do not face any suspicion of any sort as a SafeSpy user. The discreteness that this app tends to offer is par excellence. As the app platform is web-based, there is absolutely no requirement of any software installation that could leave a trail.  

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The usability of SafeSpy is extremely efficient. It just takes a couple of minutes to garner access to the platform, discover any sort of activities that are undertaken on the target iPhone. You could also see any incoming or outgoing media exchanges on the said iPhone.

Having already stated the ease of functionality, the step by step procedure is as below:

Step 1: Registration

In order to begin the process and procedure, you need to register at SafeSpy’s official site. You do not need to provide any unnecessary details for registration. With a requirement as minimal as that of an email, you can initiate the process of registration. 

Step 2: Choosing the Right Plan

You can either go with the most popular monthly plan, or you can choose the right plan from the many alternatives available. SafeSpy provides many custom-made plans that cater to specific user requirements. They ensure in making the process of spying convenient, economical, and relevant to the user.

To end up with the most relevant plan, you can assess your needs, monetary budget, and volume of spying to narrow down on the kind of plan that you want. The suitability and purpose can assist in making the right choice. 

Step 3: Set-up procedure

After the plan is chosen and paid for, the user then receives a setup link that initiates and culminates the set-up process when clicked on. The steps will be simplistic and self-explanatory.  It only takes a few moments to set up.

When the installation is completed, SafeSpy will then seek information regarding the target device. As you need to spy on an iPhone, you need to choose ‘iOS’ as the target platform. 

Step 4: Enter the iCloud Credentials

When you select iOS as the target platform, you would then need to enter the iCloud credentials. This is the last leg of the linkage procedure. SafeSpy needs no further details. The moment you enter the iCloud credentials, you will be able to successfully link with the target iPhone. 

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That’s about it. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone and the rest of the procedures will be a steady affair. It takes no further information. Further, after the link is established, you would get elaborate access to the iPhone.

You can see the entire conduct, data, and call exchange that is being undertaken on the iPhone. The dashboard will be a very elaborate extension of the details sought. The process is simple but the results are extremely extensive. 


All these superb features and functions make SafeSpy the best iPhone spy app there is to exist. It leaves zero room for any sort of detection and is superbly easy to access and use. The app makes it so easy to spy on a platform as sophisticated as an iPhone.

So, you no longer have to ponder over the most reliable iPhone spy app as SafeSpy is the most reliable spy platform. Wait no more and get the subscription to try this awesomeness. 


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