How Much Does a Typical POS System Cost for a Brewery

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Your brewery point of sale is a combination of hardware and software. It serves as more than just a cash register. With a cloud-based point of sale software, you can manage transactions, keep track of your inventory, analyze your sales, and even assign access levels for staff. 

When choosing a POS software for your brewery, it is crucial to consider the overall cost. In this article, we have outlined five great brewery POS on the market and how much they cost.

Do I Need A POS System for My Brewery?

Yes, your brewery requires a point of sales. A smart brewery POS optimizes your checkout process and increases the functionality and efficiency of your business.

With a POS, you can streamline your business operations and gain a edge or
a definite competitive advantage over other breweries.

What are the Functions Of the POS?

Let’s look at the ways a great POS system helps your brewery grow.

  1. Reduces Shoplifting

The dangers shoplifting poses to your brewery is genuine. However, with a POS, you can deduce shoplifting to the barest minimum. Cloud-based POS software allows you to monitor your products from anywhere and provide you with inventory reports.

  1. Improves Customer Experience

Customers must have a great time in your brewery, and with a POS, you can achieve this. With your brewery POS, you can optimize your checkout process, making it as stressless as possible for customers. 

  1. Inventory Control

POS systems have evolved past the technology-enabled cash register. With a cloud-based POS system, you can keep track of your inventory quickly. The automated inventory feature frees up time that would otherwise have been spent manually carrying out time-consuming inventory-counting exercises each quarter. 

  1. Customer Loyalty Rewards

Your brewery POS is capable of keeping track of customers’ purchase history. With the data obtained from the record, you can identify loyal customers of your brewery and even set up loyalty reward programs.

  1. Better Business Analysis with Great Reporting Function

The brewery POS gathers data and provides you with reports on the analyzed data. With the data obtained, you can

  • Control and manage business expenses
  • Monitor the productivity of your employee and track inventory
  • Track the performance for target aspects of your brewery
  • Determine which product sells best and refine your sales accordingly
  • Engage customers with loyalty rewards and design promotional offers to increase customer base.
  • Analyze sales data and identify the best selling products on your shelves.
  • Maintain the sales history of the brewery. This history helps you refine your purchasing plan.
  1. Improved Business Operations

With a POS, you can take your brewery to the next level. Having a great point of sale that incorporates both hardware and software tools eliminates the clutter of the old fashion payment system. It offers you extra flexibility and the option to customize your operations. 

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 With a brewery point of sale, you can handle cash transactions, manage promotions, improve your visibility while providing customers with an unforgettable experience.

How Can I Choose the Best POS for My Brewery?

With the numerous POS in the market, selecting one for your brewery can be challenging. It is essential to choose one that supports your business and makes it more efficient. We have, however, compiled a list of factors to consider when selecting a POS for your brewery.

  • Cost it is vital to select a point of sale system that maximizes your operation and is within your budget. When selecting a point of sale for your brewery, ensure you consider the initial purchase cost and the cost of setting it up.
  • Type of Software POS today works on two different software types; cloud-based and traditional. Traditional POS software requires you to access on-site. In the long run, it is more expensive than cloud-based POS software. Cloud-based POS software offers you more functionality and access. With this form of POS, you spend less upfront payment and on maintenance fees.
  • Hardware Compatibility it is crucial to choose a point of sale compatible with your existing hardware to avoid having to get new hardware. Some POS manufacturers include a list of hardware their POS system is compatible with. 

What is the Typical Cost of Brewery POS

The actual cost of POS for breweries vary depending on brand and functionality. Cloud-based POS software for breweries has a lower upfront cost than the traditional based POS software. There are monthly subscription fees and installation fees to consider.

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For cloud-based POS systems, you don’t have to pay extra for maintenance.

Let’s look at some typical brewery POS systems, their functionality, and how much they cost.

Top Point of Sale Systems for Breweries and their Cost

As we’ve mentioned earlier, selecting the best point of sale system for your brewery depends on a whole load of factors, including cost. To help you choose an appropriate point of sale system for your business, we have compiled an outline of top POS systems for breweries and their price.

  1. Revel Point of Sale System for Breweries

The Revel POS system is designed to suit the needs of breweries. This POS offers breweries the much-needed functions needed to improve their services.

Some of the features include customer relationship management, ingredient level inventory management, optimized checkout process, data analysis of customer data, and relevant reports.

Cost: Monthly subscription fee of $99.

  1. Upserve Point of Sale 

Upserve POS is suited for the day to day activities of breweries. This cloud-based POS provides your brewery with workforce solutions, inventory management, market automation, and optimized checkout.

Cost: Monthly subscription fee of $59. Buying the Upscale point of sale can leave a massive dent in your pocket.

  1. Lavu Brewery Point of Sale

Lavu Brewery POS is a cloud-based POS software that is designed to cater to all the needs of your brewery. It features comprehensive inventory management, optimized payment options, employee management tools, and even account integrations. It frees up time for you by automating most of your business processes.

Cost: $69 monthly.

  1. Koutana Point of Sale

The Koutana Point of Sale System caters to the needs of your brewery. Its functions include reliable payment process, collation and analysis of data, inventory keeping, insightful reports, and unrestricted access.

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Cost: this POS involves a monthly payment of $120 and an additional payment of $40 for other registers.


A POS is an essential feature of your brewery business. It helps you optimize your checkout procedure, monitor your inventory, design loyalty programs, and even monitor your employees.

The typical cost of the brewery POS differs; however, most companies offer a fixed monthly fee for access. We have detailed the importance of POS and how to select one for your brewery; purchase one today.


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