Microsoft Azure Certification & Exams: MCSA Guideline

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Nowadays, companies are encompassing the use of Cloud technologies in their cyclic administrative tasks. Microsoft as one of the best solutions providers in the IT arena has designed various cloud-related certification exams for IT professionals. Azure Certification is a certification test intended to measure the individual’s ability to execute the technical tasks in the Cloud Computing field.

As a candidate preparing for Azure Certification, it is very crucial for him/her to be conversant with the key topics that form the basis of the exam. These main topics are listed below:

  • Designing and Implementing of Azure App Service (10-15%).
  • Creating and Management of ARM Virtual Machines (20-25%).
  • Designing and Implementing a Storage Strategy (10-15%).
  • Implementing of Virtual Networks (15-20%).
  • Designing and Deploying ARM Templates (10-15%).
  • Management of Azure Security and Recovery Services (25-30%).
  • Management of Azure Operations (5-10%).
  • Management of Azure Identities (5-10%).

Microsoft Azure Certification & Exams: MCSA Guideline

To get the comprehensive information about the test objectives, visit the exam page on the official Microsoft website: Certification.aspx.

The exam comprises of 40-60 multiple-choice questions. The azure Certification test is designed in a manner that the candidate may select one or many possible answers that suit the question or statement offered. The exam is made in a sample direction format: the candidate reads the queries or the statements and chooses the option that best corresponds to the questions. The duration of this exam is 2 hours (120 minutes), and you have to pay a fee of $165 to sit for Azure Certification.

The ideal candidates for this exam should have experience in the following spheres:

  • Monitoring and Implementing hybrid and Cloud solutions
  • Implementing the infrastructure solutions in Microsoft Azure
  • Supporting application lifecycle management

One may visit PrepAway to download the practice tests:

Weightage of Microsoft certification

Organizations throughout the globe recognize Microsoft certifications as the most trusted in the IT field. Thus the Microsoft credentials have the capability to increase the candidate’s chances of getting hired in large and reputable companies. This implies that the candidate will be in possession of a much higher income and a brighter career path. Microsoft validates the candidate’s skills and demonstrates his/her commitment to the profession.

Below are some of the reasons to engage in Microsoft certification:

  • Work flexibility

All Microsoft programs are available online. This makes it easier for professionals to work with the stakeholders and business directors across the globe.

  • Better career choices

Microsoft certification opens up excellent career prospects. Certified professionals can venture into analytical roles or challenging leadership. They can as well negotiate for a salary rise.

  • Ability to construct good charts

Professionals familiar with the Microsoft programs are experts in the diagram and chart designing. Chart making is regarded to be a job for business analysts and finance specialists. Such skills are of high demand in both the business and Information Technology fields.

Guidelines to Pass Azure Certification exam

This article provides you with 100% useful tips on how to pass the Azure Certification exam. Upon executing them, it is assured that you will pass the test at the first attempt.

  1. Set the exam objectives

I came up with the exam objectives from the Microsoft official site and produced a checklist of topics. I began with easy things. I logged in to the ARM Portal where I prepared and arranged my first Resource Group, first Virtual Machine, and my very first Virtual Network. Additionally, I extended my learning to a variety of topics and practised for quick knowledge and understanding of the main exam concepts.

  1. Utilize Azure documentation

After setting out the objectives, I started to develop my Azure skills. This was not easy for me as I didn’t have enough experience. But while learning, I prepared notes that were very useful in revising the exam topics. The “read it, implement it, write about it” strategy worked smartly. This process entailed reading the Microsoft Azure documentation, implementing the documented solutions in my lab, and then writing about the process and the results. This process proved to be very useful in retaining the information learned.

  1. Use online offered courses

The online courses assist the candidate to focus on the exam outlook. These courses provide a platform on which the examinee can familiarize with the earlier tested Azure Certification concepts. Purchasing any of the best online training courses can tremendously help in preparing for the test. Having enrolled in the course, you can not only improve your knowledge but also reduce the panic associated with the approach of exams.

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  1. Exam simulator for practice questions

This is one of the best solutions you can use for your exam preparation. The candidates can buy an exam simulator that will boost their confidence and test their ability to answer the questions within a limited time. 

The competitor can review the entire collection of practice questions for the Azure Certification exam to check on how the various questions can be tackled.

When preparing for my Azure Certification, I utilized many exam dumps to get the correct answers to the questions I couldn’t answer from the first time. This greatly assisted me in identifying my weaknesses and helped me to develop a studying strategy.

  1. Review the topics

Before sitting for the exam, the candidate can thoroughly peruse the topics and the notes that were taken earlier. This will help to boost confidence.

If you wish to pass the Azure Certification test successfully, you have to invest in some extra efforts by taking the appropriate tests. In the end, you will receive outstanding results. To attain the certification from Microsoft, you have to choose a suitable platform that will guide you in preparation for Azure Certification exam. Once the guidelines given in this article are followed, the passing of Azure Certification test is assured.

I hope the tutorial worked for you. Good luck!


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