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Last Updated: 14th of May, 2019.

It won’t be an overstatement if we somebody says that the CCNP R&S certification is a remarkably tough challenge for candidates that want to grow their skills in the IT industry, though that’s not something to put you against the clock. It’s one of the most popular certifications offered by the Cisco purposed at producing a vast number of certified professionals as they are expected to satisfy the growing demands of businesses that are using their IT products and services, as well as the networking hardware.

To that end, Cisco has set different levels of certifications to help companies finding the right candidate for the business, from associate to expert. Hence it’s crunch time to get certified. Moreover, it should be mentioned that Cisco offers various certifications in such categories as routing and switching, security, collaboration, data centre, design and more. Still, routing and switching credentials are among the most sought-after ones.

CCNP R&S certification has been devised for IT professionals that have already had some experience in working with Cisco networking devices. It means that CCNP R&S credential is only open for candidates that have already earned the CCNA R&S certification and wish to advance their skills.

If you want to boost your career with the Cisco CCNP R&S Certification,
this article is going to help you a lot as it can be hard to know exactly 
where to start.

So, without having time on the hands, let’s dive into the details about CCNP R&S certification and uncover some tips you may need to prepare for the exam.

Reasons to become CCNP R&S certified

Although CCNA R&S certification is crucial for acquiring a job, it’s not enough for long-term growth. In order to earn the long-term benefits, you need to boost your skills to the next level, and that can’t be done in the nick of time. And that’s where CCNP R&S appears to be helpful.

This certification ensures continuous growth in the networking industry, gives you the chance to increase the income significantly. Thus, with CCNP R&S certification, you’d get a chance of winning high paying jobs such as Sr. Network Engineer, Network Administrator and IT manager. It means you’d be able to earn around $79,000 to $120,000 yearly.

Moreover, it’s an imperative step you need to take if you’re determined to become an expert in the IT industry.

CCNP R&S certification exam details

To gain CCNP R&S certification, you need to pass three exams, which include 300-101 ROUTE, 300-115 SWITCH and 300-135 TSHOOT. These exams test your skills in different domains to determine whether you’re familiar with advanced routing & switching concepts or not. Now, let’s see what each test is about.

The Cisco 300-101 ROUTE exam consists of 45-65 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop and scenario-based questions that are supposed to test your skills of using advanced IP addressing and routing. This exam also validates the ability to configure secure routing solutions. The duration of this exam is 120 minutes.

On the other hand, the Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam tests your skills of planning, configuring and verifying the implementation of complex switching solutions. It usually comes with 30-40 multiple-choice/single answer, multiple-choice/multiple answers, drag-and-drop and scenario-based questions. The time allowed for this exam is 120 minutes.

Finally, the Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam comes with 15-25 multiple-choice or scenario-based type of questions. This test validates your skills of planning and performing regular maintenance on complex networks. This test is also supposed to be completed within 120 minutes.

You’re allowed to set the exam order based on your preferences. So, it’s recommended starting with the exam you’re really good at. In this case, you’d feel more confident and you’d be able to achieve a better score.

Tips to pass the CCNP R&S exams

Here are a few tips for candidates that want to give their best on CCNP R&S exams:
Start with a plan

  • First of all, you need to decide on an exam order which is based on your knowledge and confidence. Then, you’d be able to set a proper preparation plan for each exam. Make an estimate of how much time you have for the preparation. And then divide the entire course in a way that you may complete it at least one week before the exam. During the last week, you need only to refresh course as the whole and make sure that you take multiple practice tests as well.
  • Get lots of hands-on experience
    Get as much hands-on experience as possible because it’s crucial for your success in the exam. If you’re working in an organization, you can use their additional devices to practice the knowledge. GNS3 is a valuable software for candidates that do not have access to the routers and switches. But still, try to look for real routers and switches because GNS3 doesn’t provide you with the real-life experience.
  • Build a Home Lab
    You’d have to spend a few hundred dollars on building a home lab. There is no need to go for advanced devices because you can easily practice your skills on those old machines as well. However, it’s really worth building this lab as it helps in overcoming your weaknesses over time. You’d also get to learn a lot of things that you couldn’t learn during the lecture.
  • Search top Web Resources for prep materials
    Without any doubt, Cisco’s official website is the best option where you can get the best content for exam preparation. Here you’ll find prep materials for self-study, practical training for 300-101, 300-115 and 300-135 exams. Besides, you’ll see a section of the most frequently asked questions, which share the additional info of how to be adequately prepared for CCNP R&S exams. Thus, it is also recommended to use Kevin Wallace’s guide for 300-101 ROUTE and 300-135 TSHOOT. Moreover, if you need some help regarding 300-115 SWITCH, David Hucaby’s guide is going to help you a lot.
  • Exam Dumps from Prepaway is a reliable web resource in the world of IT exams. It is the online platform that renders numerously updated, and actual exam dumps for students that want to question their skills before taking their certification exams. They also provide you with an overview of the real examination. CCNP R&S dumps, as well as other files, are offered in vce format here and can be opened only with the help of the VCE Player. This great educational tool simulates the real exam environment making your preparation process interactive and practical. It should be mentioned, that Prepaway’s dumps have been carefully verified by IT experts that make them reliable and the website itself- a trusted online platform. By offering the most updated exam dumps and valuable video courses the said portal has helped thousands of candidates to become certified. So, use this reliable resource to find the exam dumps for your CCNP R&S certification exams, as it’s an amazing opportunity for candidates that want to earn better marks in the exams.

All Things Considered

CCNP R&S certification is a set of three exams that test your skills in dealing with advanced routing and switching solutions. This certification is vital for achieving the ultimate success in the networking industry. For that, you should be well-prepared.

Make sure that you set a plan for the preparation of each exam, and an all-around better solution is to enhance your practical skills, get the accurate material from portals like Prepaway and with this in mind, you might achieve success in the exams with flying colours.

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