Safeguard PDF Security

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Loading... Developed By Locklizard | (Version 4.0.23) | Apr 4, 2019 | (100% Clean – Tested).

Locklizard’s “safeguard PDF security” is a file protection application proposed for portable documents, it uses encryption, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and licensing controls to assure that the confidential business documents are preserved regardless of where they are located.

Editor’s Note: For those want to protect crucial business papers, or to securely share or sell PDF files, “Safeguard PDF Security” is unquestionably a cut above the competition. Not only does it stop unauthorised access, but you can control how your documents are used after they have been distributed. It’s primarily a PDF protection application which is quite elegant and practical; moreover, the Locklizard will host the administration system or you may install it on your premise.

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Safeguard PDF Security: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Nomenclature: Safeguard PDF Security.
 . Genre: Data Recovery.
 . Updated On: 4th of April, 2019.
 . Official: Locklizard.Com/Pdf-Security.
 . Version: 4.0.23.
. Editor’s Ratings:
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Free Trial.
 . Setup Size: 24.35 MB.

The application is planned to block unapproved access and control what authorised users can do with the protected PDF files (for example stops users sharing PDFs, copying content, printing, etc.). One may cause PDFs automatically expire, lock use to devices and locations, and revoke access at any time. While there exist plenty of PDF security software (including Adobe Acrobat), they rely on passwords to protect the PDF files. Apart from passcodes being traced – there are many apps available for free to exploit the keys – the main weakness of PDF password protection is that the key can be shared with others. This means protected PDF files can be given to others along with the passcode to open them. And once a user has a key to open a file, they can remove any restrictions (such as preventing printing) in seconds.
Locklizard does not use passwords but instead rely on public key technology with a transparent and crucial secure transmission. This means that there are no passwords to enter, distribute or manage which is not only safer but more straightforward to use and administer.

Locklizard also provides many more PDF protection options, enabling you to expire and revoke PDF files, track use and lock use to devices and locations. And lastly, data are protected locally on your computer so you don’t have to worry about uploading unprotected PDFs to the cloud where they could be compromised.

Using the Product

  • Security Restrictions Can’t be Removed.
  • Locks PDFs to Devices & Locations.
  • Stops Documents from Being Modified.
  • Controls BYOD for Location Restrictions
  • Adds Non-Removable Dynamic Watermarks.
  • No Uploading of Unprotected files to Cloud.
  • Subscription is for unlimited Files & Users.
  •  “Viewer” Installation is Required in Cases.
  •   A Bit Complicated for a Newbie.

To get started protecting PDF files just select them in Windows File Explorer, right-click, and then choose ‘Make Secure PDF’ from the pop-up menu option.
A tabbed GUI then appears from which you can select the protection controls you want to apply. These include amongst others: stop printing or limit prints, stop screen grabbing, expire the PDF after some views/prints/days or on a fixed date, track views and prints, add dynamic watermarks to viewed and/or printed content.

The dynamic watermarks are a neat feature – you can select variables for different user information (e.g. name, email address, etc.) and these are replaced by actual user data when the PDF is viewed and/or printed. This means you only have to protect the PDF file once instead of individually for each user to customise it with unique user details.

Once you have chosen your protection options, you select the “publish button” to protect the PDF file.
Once a PDF has been protected you can upload it to your web site or distribute it just like any other file. The advantage is that no one can view it unless you have authorised them to do so. This brings us on to the next component of Safeguard PDF Security – the Administration System – for authorising user access.

The Safeguard Administration System is a web-based application that enables you to create users and give them access to your protected PDFs. You can also revoke user and document access from here, lock them to country and IP locations to have a more comprehensive control, and see what documents users have been using. When you create a user, the system automatically sends them an email with their license details. They need this to open protected PDF files.






The User Experience

Users must download a Viewer from Locklizard’s web site to open protected PDF files that they have been authorised to view. Locklizard also provides a web-based viewer (accessed via your browser) and a totally offline USB viewer, but these are optional. Locklizard says they use their own viewer rather than Adobe Acrobat because it ensures they have full control over the application rather than using plugins that can compromise security.
Users receive a welcome email with the download links for the Viewer (or a URL for the web viewer) and a license link. Once a viewer is installed (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) you click on the license link, so your user account is associated with your device. You can then click on Locklizard protected PDF files, and if you have been authorised to view them, they will automatically open in the viewer. The first time you open a PDF file, you must be online, but after that, you can view records offline if the document owner has allowed this.

Product’s Core Features

  • Stops sharing and unauthorised distribution
  • Locks PDF files to devices and locations
  • Stops document copying and modifying
  • Stops printing (or you can limit the no. of prints allowed)
  • Stops screen grabs
  • Dynamic watermarks – adds non-removable user identifiable information to pages
  • PDF expiry – expire PDF files on a fixed date, after some days use, after many views or prints
  • PDF revocation – revoke user and document access at any time
  • Track PDF use – track when PDF files are viewed and printed by who, when and where
  • US Gov strength AES 256 bit encryption, DRM and licensing controls

Download Safeguard PDF Security

DownloadSafeguard PDF Security 2.6.42
Visit From Official

Program Details
Setup Name N/A.
Source From Official.
File Size: 23,929 KB.
Compatibility Windows OS.

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