VLC Media Player 3.0.2

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Loading... Developed By VideoLAN | (Version 3.0.2) | 15th of May, 2018 | (100% Clean – Tested).

VLC Media Player 2018 version 3.0.2 (Setup for Windows PC 32-Bit, 64-Bit) accompanies no glamour but a robust interface coupled with some enterprise-level features to play almost all high-definition audio and video file formats in a flash.

Editor’s Note: All in all, it is a comprehensive, facile and robust program to play all the multimedia files without a hitch. Over and above the fascinating fact is that it does not cost you a single penny, procure it free of cost and enjoy forever. The added Chromecast support is absolutely a stunning feature; again the software will not consume much of your GPU from now on which is relieving news. So, break a leg!.

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VLC Media Player 3.0.2: Product’s Review

   Technical Details.
 . Nomenclature: VLC Media Player.
 . Genre: Audio-Tools.
 . Updated On: 15th Of May, 2018.
 . Official: VideoLAN.Org.
 . Version: 3.0.2.
 . Compatibility: 32 & 64 Bit.
 . Operating System:  Windows 10/8/7.
 . License: Open-Source.
 . Setup Size: 38.4 (64-B), 37.2 (64-B) MB.

After series of changes, the VLC media player has now developed into an advanced and robust program which is definitely a name to beat. The cutting-edge media player is now loaded with plenty of options and other headways, yet works as fit as a fiddle. VLC latest plays the multimedia files quickly while you will never endure a requirement of any additional application of this genre as it cornerstones substantially a pervasive range of file formats. The latest edition has a brimming tabulation of the issues that have been fixed and were the root originators of the matter of contention. The preceding versions were confronting various predicaments and crashes, so to fix them, multiple alterations have been made to the core, demux, decoders, audio and miscellaneous other features that uphold the entire program. Over and above, the enhancements are purely compassed to permit the program to the top of the charts, to save the user of any hassles and add up to the ease of use. The application has an entirely convenient and straightforward operating process, the layout is eminently facile and does not demand the user to be skilled, whether you are a newbie or have been using this tool for long, it will not challenge you at all, no chances to get bent out of shape. The software is unquestionably a user-friendly platform, which comprehensively lacks on all the shiny and glittery objects and instead emphasizes on the quality and delivering the affirmed services to the consumer, so far so good!

What’s More?

  • Secure.
  • Stream Online.
  • Improved Decoding Speed.
  • Uncluttered Operations.
  • Supports No Ads.
  •  Some Hiccups While Playing 4K.
  •  Can’t Download Music Videos.
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The latest edition of VLC Media Player has been armed with the augmentations to consume less GPU while the user is watching the HDR files, these are the high-quality video clips and may cause lagging to the system and the application itself. So the techies will no longer face grievous concerns while watching the files with the supreme picture quality.  Moreover, it permits the user to utilize the software and enable the subtitles for the videos by adding the SRT files; it supports playback and user can have the moments of merriment while working or carrying out the other tasks and playing music on this fantastic multimedia player. In conjunction with the above-stated features, this tool proficiently falls on the modernistic technology by enabling the users to enjoy audios utilizing the stream feature which works over the internet so that the user can enjoy endlessly. It is a cross-platform utility and accommodates both Windows operating system as well as Mac users, the latest edition also fixed the blu-ray issues, furnished several crash reports and brought much more for Mac OS. Over and above, it is decent and has a compact look with no extra and jammed buttons to fill the screen, you can drag and drop the files to play them in a jiffy, adjust volume and other video settings, above all, the users have been provided with the graphics equalizer as well. Never get bored of your media player, add skins to it and customize it according to your needs and demand, definitely on the ball.

What’s New With VLC Media Player 3.0.2:

Several issues have been fixed

The latest edition has a long list of issues that have been fixed to avoid crashes and enhance the system’s proficiency.

Enhanced Chromecast

Chromecast support was introduced to the VLC media player in the previous editions, and the developers are still working on it to improve the connectivity and add to the efficiency of the feature. It enables the user to cast the videos and audio files to the television.

Extra Compatibility for NetBSD

This edition has been added with the excessive compatibility for the NetBSD hence it will go hand in hand with the operating system from now on with better and quality services for both 32 and 64 Bit devices.

Improvements to reduce GPU consumption while watching HDR videos

The latest edition also has been allowed to reduce the GPU consumption, which is the root cause of system lagging. So, this tool will not muddle with your device and will not annoy you while utilizing it.

VLC Media Player 3.0.2: Product’s Salient Features:

Featuresthat accompany the hallmark of VLC Media Player are compelling and undeniable. This thorough multimedia program is a choice of millions across the globe and VideoLAN team is striving to keep the app up to the standards. Check out, some of the most prominent features are nudged below.

  • Supports almost all the format types

VLC is a robust and complete application, it has support for virtually all the file types, whether it is audio or video. With this application installed on your PC, you will not have to use an additional media player for diverse file formats; it competently works for all the file genre.

  • Allows playback
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Enjoy playback facilities, while you are utilizing the other applications, or performing some significant activities on your computing device VLC will not interfere betwixt and will efficiently keep running in the background.

  • Subtitles

By adding the text files to the player, you will be able to enjoy the videos with subtitles.

  • Facile and compact

It is a robust yet a simple utility with no extra and cluttered buttons on the screen to confuse the user; the application is eminently accessible to use and very simple and decent when you look at it.

  • Stream over Internet

The user can enjoy the uninterrupted merriment for as long as it is required, the application now utilizes your internet connection and plays all your files without any delays. It streams them online and brings you the consecutive hours of complete enjoyment

  • Customizable

The ball is definitely in your court; you can customize it use the graphic equalizer to set multiple video settings, adjust volume, brightness and much more. Also, one can add skins to the VLC media player and change from one to other it not satisfied, so this will help you enjoy with simple yet elegant and the layout of your own choice.

Download VLC Media Player 3.0.2

DownloadVLC Media Player 3.0.2 (Windows-Based) setup for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit system architectures, here.

DownloadVLC Player 3.0.2 (32-Bit)
Direct WPC Download

DownloadVLC Player 3.0.2 (64-Bit)Direct WPC Download

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